What are the play-by-play conditions for the seventh edition

 LAHORE, Pakistan: Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) on Monday announced the playing conditions for the Pakistan Super League 2022, which will be played between Karachi and Lahore from 27 January until 27 February.

The PCB approved the new guidelines in the wake of the COVID-19 influx which also forced authorities to limit how many spectators were allowed in stadiums. The officials of the cricket have issued strict health and safety rules for the tournament, and those who violate them will be penalized massively.

PSL 2022 play-off conditions

  • If a team is forced to lose players due to good outcomes, it may seek the approval of the Technical Committee to substitute players drawn from its reserve players pool (Clause

  • To allow a game to be played, the team must comprise of at a minimum, 13 players that are not Covid-19 negative (Clause

  • Line-ups for the playing team must consist of a minimum of seven and the maximum number of local players, including the emerging players. If, however, an individual team is impacted by Covid to the point that it's impossible for it to form a team that is in compliance with the applicable requirements and the rules will be abrogated to the extent necessary (Clause 1.2.5).

  • The fielding team must be in a position for the bowling of the last over of the game by the time that was scheduled or rescheduled at the end of the innings. If they aren't in this location, one less fielder is allowed outside the 30-yard circle for the remaining innings during the entire innings (Clause 13.8).

  • The reserve day will serve as a day to the final. If there isn't a result on the reserve day the team that finishes at the top of the table of points after 30 league games will be declared champions (Clause 16.11.1).

  • TV umpire not to call balls (Clause 21.5).

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