Warning Signs Of Sewer Line Damage

Several homeowners are well aware that severe plumbing issues can appear out of nowhere even when you least expected it to happen. But there are specific severe plumbing problems, including damage to your sewer line, that always come with a subtle sign of hint at the very point of start, and these issues can easily be solved with the help of professional plumbers such as the plumber Ventura and the plumber Oak Park. Thus, knowing the signs you need to look for to stop the leakage and damage caused early becomes a significant and costly repair service.

What are some warning signs you should look for in case of sewer line damage?

The sewer blockage and backups - generally, the backups usually take place in the lowest open drains of your sewer. Therefore, each time you experience any backup, whenever you run water in the sinks or at the time you flush, always remember that the problem is most likely to take place in your main sewer pipeline. But in case you are experiencing frequent backups and blockages even after getting your sewer line cleaned, then the problem might have arisen due to cracks in your pipes, root intrusions or a misaligned pipeline.

Foul gaseous sewer smell - one of the typical red flags indicating a crack in your sewer line is the presence of a sewer gas smell. With the exceptions of vent stacks on the roofs, typically, a sanitary sewer should always be properly air-tight. Therefore, a sewer smell always indicates an opening in your sewer pipeline somewhere, and this issue can be quickly resolved with the help of a professional plumber like that plumber Ventura and the plumber Oak Park. Extra green grass - the presence of extra lush areas with green grass patches in your lawn can be a point to your sewer leakage. The sewage serves as a perfect fertilizer for this vegetation.

Slow drainage - typically, a slow drainage system can indicate a blockage formation, which can later lead to your sewer line backup. Therefore, paying close attention to your slow draining sink, toilets, or even bathtubs is crucial. Thus, it would help if you always went for licensed plumbers like the plumber Oak Park and plumber Ventura for resolving the slow drainage issues.

Sinkholes - the sinkholes serve as an extreme symptom of the deterioration of your respective sewer line. Generally, if your mainline leaks are not treated at the right time, then it could lead to the formation of a void which can later develop into a very dangerous sinkhole.


As a homeowner, plumbing issues can sometimes be very irritating and time-consuming with costly repairs. But when it comes to your sewer pipelines being damaged, there are sure signs indicating something must have gone wrong. Therefore, it is crucial to always look for the indications and resolve the issues from several professional plumbers such as the plumber Oak Park and the plumber Ventura before the issue becomes a significant problem.

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