Top Benefits You Can Get If You Outsource Email Support Services

Email support is a highly favored mode of communication for customers who do not have a strong network connectivity. It is opted by customers who wish to attach multiple files to set better premise for their queries. 

As a matter of fact, the ability to promptly reply to emails speak volumes about operational readiness of start-up or medium size enterprises. On this note, here’s looking at the importance of email support services for businesses.

Importance of Email Support

Ability to Send Attachments

Customers can set the premise of your query by attaching multimedia files or documents with emails. For instance, if their complaint is about a damaged product, they can substantiate their claim by attaching images of the damaged product. 

It also puts your agents in a better position to address customers’ queries as they have a better insight into the problem. It is a psychological fact that people tend to explain an issue better when they write it down rather than talking about it over a call. This improves and accelerates issue resolution time. 

Easy to Trace Tickets

Since all the conversation over email support is in written format, customers can easily find the ticket number to know about its progress. Similarly, support agents can trace back the ticket number to either take appropriate actions on it or to follow up on its resolution status.

Conduct Customer Surveys

Email support is a perfect fit to conduct customer surveys to understand their level of satisfaction with your service. Customer surveys can be created and uploaded on a specific URL. This URL is then emailed to customers who can fill out the survey at their own convenient time.

Why Do You Need to Outsource Email Support Services?

Despite the advantages listed above, enterprises tend to neglect email support service in the era of calls and live chat support. In-house support agents either delay in replying to customer queries or pass insufficient information over emails. Such a neglect is costing enterprises dearly. 

Neglecting this medium of communication has resulted in multiple challenges faced by in-house email support teams. Inability to serve multiple customers at a time, finding the right solution for customer queries, and others are some of the imposing email support challenges. 

This is why it is important that you outsource email support service to overhaul its service quality. On this note, here’s looking at the top 5 benefits of outsourcing this service:

Quick Response

Customers can send and access emails at any point of time from their handheld devices. This increases customers’ expectations of a quick response to their emails. However, your in-house resource finds it difficult to answer multiple queries at a time.

Outsourced experts easily manage the job by putting corporate email management into practice. They use the shared inbox concept. In this concept, agents move queries into tiered inboxes based on their priorities. Technical support issues are moved to a dedicated inbox and is addressed to tech support with an internal comment on its priority level.

Experts integrate knowledge base into their inbox. This allows them to quickly find answers to multiple queries with a matter of moment.

Better Lead Conversion

In this digital era, consumers prefer to do a thorough research on a product before they buy it. They visit product websites, go through specifications, read reviews, and shoot queries to agents to know a product better. 

In such scenarios, it is essential that your agents quickly revert to those queries. Any delay will result in customers bouncing off to different product websites. Outsourcing vendors assign agents who are dedicated to answer queries of customers visiting websites. They provide a detailed product description and attach relevant product images for customers to have better product insights. This increases the chances of turning website visitors into potential leads.

Improve Sales

Outsourcing agents can utilize customer enquiry emails as an effective medium to pitch for other products. For instance, if a customer visits a website enquiring about a laptop, he/she is likely to buy other accessories such as a mouse, mousepad, CPU cooler, and others. 

Third-party email support service providers create the perfect pitch to push these accessories along with answering customers’ queries about the main product. They do it without sounding pushy. This is key to increase the chances of upselling products, thereby improving your sales prospects.


Third-party service providers maintain resources who are specialized in providing email support services. Such a specialization allows them to know about evolving customers’ expectations from email support agents and how to cater to them. Therefore, while outsourcing this service, you must ensure that your partner has a team of dedicated email support resource. They must have solid industry experience to know what’s in and what’s out in the email support function.

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