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Over one-third of the US population is affected by an insomnia disorder and 20% of adults aren't getting enough sleep. What makes sleep so crucial? What happens when you don't get enough sleep? The dreadful, and fatal consequences of sleep deprivation are increasing rapidly. Find out how you can keep your body and your brain secure!

Inflammation is a common factor in insomnia. The toxins that leak from the gut can increase stress hormones, and also reduce the flow of oxygen into the brain rendering it difficult to go to sleep.

The happy New You Package provides a simple cleanse from the chemicals which prevent you from resting and allowing your body to recover and rest far more effectively by dr. sebi.

Why Do We Sleep?

In the 1950s, people believed that the body and brain did not do anything when we were asleep. Since then, scientists have found that there are a number of things happening while asleep.

The majority of people require between 7 to 9 hours of rest each night to wake to feel rejuvenated. As you rest, the body is able to complete a number of restorative physical activities:

  • Strengthening your cardiovascular system.

  • Repair and review of the cell as well as cell structure.

  • Cell replication and recycling.

  • The conversion of fats into obtainable units.

  • Consolidation of emotions and memories.

  • Rewiring of neurons within the brain.

  • Cleaning of waste metabolites within the brain.

  • replenishing neurotransmitters and nutrients within the brain.

Sleep is an essential "nutrient"; it's something we ought to devote a three-quarter of our time engaging in. Sleep deprivation isn't an illness; it's the result of habits and choices made in life, such as unhealthy nutrition. We're kept awake by mucus that is acidic in the brain, which is caused by inflammation.

6 Big Issues that arise from sleep deprivation

Sleep deprivation is all-encompassing. Lack of sleep has the potential to alter your hormonal configuration, which makes everything harder, which includes:

1. Increasing Your Cravings for Acidic Foods

When you aren't getting enough sleep, your hunger hormone ghrelin is elevated, and the appetite-controlling hormone, leptin, gets diminished. This increases your craving to eat sweet or starchy foods. This is a double-whammy when you succumb to attraction!

2. Increasing Your Risk of Crashing

Each year there occur more than 6,000 fatal accidents that are the result of drivers not sleeping enough. Hand-eye coordination doesn't mix well when operating machines that are heavy.

3. Increasing Your Disease Risk

Lack of sleep can affect our immune system. Adults who do not get enough sleep are at an increased risk of 33% of developing dementia. The chance of developing heart disease doubles, while the chance of developing type 2 diabetes doubles. Your risk of experiencing anxiety as well as depression and irritability increases dramatically.

4. Over Stimulating Your Emotional Responses

Sleep deprivation can cause you to feel more stressed and scared as inflammation grows in your brain, causing you to be stuck in the fight or flight mode. Even a small amount of sleep loss can make you feel more emotional than normal and you will be unable to understand why.

5. Shrink Your Testicles

Many men would agree: this is terrible news! According to sleep experts those who sleep for five or fewer hours every night experience significantly smaller tests as compared to those who rest 7 hours or longer. This same lack of sleep can also affect female hormones and decreases fertility.

6. Slowly, heal, and stop losing weight.

It is impossible to heal or shed weight without sleeping. These vital tasks are only possible while you're off and in a state of unconsciousness.

Rest is Rejuvenation

Sleep is essential. It is not just essential for the correct functioning of your body and brain but also to decrease the risk of getting sick as well as to prevent cravings and keep your body healthy. Answer these questions honestly and then reflect on your answers:

  • Do you get 7-9 hours of rest each night?

  • Do you sleep well? If not, then why not?

  • Do you sleep at midnight? If not, then why not?

  • Do you wake up quickly and feel rejuvenated? If not, then why not?

  • Do you try to avoid blue light and gadgets for two hours prior to you going to bed?

  • Do you follow a regular sleeping schedule? If not, what is the reason?

  • Do you think your sleep could be improved? What steps can you take?

This Happy New You Package can help you repair any damage caused by sleep loss. Get ready to a new start in your new year, while improving your health. How do you want to change?

  • Mind - get rid of the toxins that hinder your ability to concentrate and to sleep comfortably.

  • Mood - decreases inflammation in the brain leading to a more agitated and unstable mood (especially in the early morning).

  • Mojo can boost your sexual desire by eliminating stagnation and increasing sexual hormones.

  • Moving - makes exercise more enjoyable.

  • Keep it going - give your immune system some help so that it can create new healthy cells.

  • Memory can help you to store and access the information you require.

  • Motivation can boost the production of hormones that help get you moving mentally.

This Happy New You Package contains five natural healing ingredients that enhance the rejuvenation of your cells. This package will help you eliminate toxins from every organ to rid yourself of waste; ease inflammation, decrease cellulite as well as increase circulation and oxygenation aid in lymphatic drainage; strengthen cells; boost the metabolism and detoxification process; eliminate heavy metals, soothe the digestive tract and nourish yourself at a cellular level.

If you're looking to restore and balance your body, make sure you make time for your rest tonight. Do not fall into sleep debt. Ensure that your body's immune system stays in good standing. Keep your pace and don't skimp on your sleep as it is vital nutrition!

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