How to see the backlinks of a website (2022 tools)

Learn how to see the backlinks of a website and the best tools available this 2021. Nowadays, having quality incoming links is essential. Therefore, from Web Positioning Salamanca we tell you about the best resources that can help you monitor your website. Keep reading to know more.

Importance of incoming links

Inbound links are those links that point to your website from other domains. These are a factor of search engine ranking. They are essential for websites that want to have more visibility. This means that websites that receive a lot of incoming links can get a better search engine ranking. Backlinks provide information for search engine robots, they help determine the authority of a website. However, you should know that not all incoming links are treated in the same way, since Google evaluates various aspects of them, such as:

·         The authority of the web.

·         The anchor text used.

·         The naturalness of the link within the text.

Another important aspect of this SEO positioning technique is that it can help you get more web traffic. Since if another domain places a link that directs them to your site, more people can reach your website.

Strategy to get quality inbound links

Many website owners believe that having a lot of incoming links is what it takes to rank in search engines. But, as we said before, you have to see where these links come from and if they are really beneficial.

Here are some strategies you can employ to get quality inbound links to your website:

Guest blogging: This is a very useful strategy to have quality inbound links. It consists of making alliances or collaborations with other companies that work in your field. The idea is that you participate as a guest author and can make a post. With this, you can include a link in the blog of another website. Also, if you make a good article you will attract more people to your website. Create quality content: It is one of the best ways to get organic links for your website. People will see that you are offering useful information and will take you into account. Look for topics that are new and of interest to everyone. It is also a good idea to add your own infographics to your posts.  Currently, there are many free and online tools where you can design them. You can even find templates and you will only have to customize them a bit and add the information you want.

Sign up for quality platforms and directories: Something that works very well is to sign up for different platforms, they can be social networks. There you will be able to add links to your company. Remember that it is essential that you do a preliminary investigation to choose the right words for the anchor text.

How to see the backlinks of a website? Tools

Search engines are increasingly concerned with offering quality content to people. That is why its algorithms are constantly working to analyze all aspects that have to do with optimization.

In the case of links, many companies buy, sell or force them into the content. Which is counterproductive since you can be penalized. Nowadays there are many tools with which you can analyze your backlinks, these will help you to see how many you have if they are really beneficial, if there is any failure or if you need to add more. It might even come in handy if you need to request a reconsideration from Google if you get penalized.

Monitor Backlinks

The best thing about this backlink analysis tool is that it is very practical and easy to use. Its intuitive form makes it friendly, even for people who have no knowledge of SEO. With Monitor Backlinks, you can review your links, and the tool also sends you an email with the news. You will also be able to check the incoming links on your website and connect your account with Google Analytics. Note that some features like checking links are free for a limited time.


This is one of the best link-building tools to see the backlinks of a more complete website. In Ahrefs you can have some benefits with its free version and it has more options in the paid version, it is worth investing in it if your budget allows it. This has a very good database of links.

Elements of an SEO-friendly post

With Ahrefs you can do a fast and efficient analysis of the sites where your domain appears. You will also be able to see where your competitors have links and analyze the anchor text they use. You will be able to see the growth and decline of link profiles. You can even do an analysis of new links, lost links, and the types of backlinks your website is receiving. In general, it gives you a complete backlink profile. It shows you if the links do-follow or no-follow. From the Top 100 links, you can see Referring Page, DR, UR, Referring Domains, Traffic, Anchor, and Inbound Link.

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