How Healthcare BPO Companies Are Assisting Healthcare Organizations?

The healthcare industry has been seeing a massive wave of disruption in the recent years. Owing to such changes, investments in healthcare innovation have doubled in the past one year alone. An increasing demand for structured healthcare services during the ongoing pandemic has put growing focus on customer-centricity. To deliver such efficient services, more than 80% of healthcare organizations are forethinking about support they need. Healthcare BPO companies have stepped in to assist healthcare organizations in managing non-core business functions. This allows healthcare organizations to focus entirely on patient treatment and other core operations. Healthcare BPO companies are contributing heavily to improve healthcare customer experiences.

Gamut Of Services That Healthcare BPO Companies Provide:

  • Medical coding and billing – An increasing influx of patients can make it extremely arduous for medical professionals to go through the process of maintaining medical and billing records. Particularly during the ongoing pandemic, the stress inflicted on them can lead to delays and errors in patient records. This is an area where healthcare BPO companies can pitch in to take over medical coding and billing procedures.
  • Medical transcription - Healthcare BPO companies utilize state-of-the-art infrastructure, experienced transcriptionists, and advanced technologies to help healthcare organizations in transcribing reports such as initial evaluation report, medical history report, test and lab report, consultation notes, prescriptions, discharge summaries and much more. 
  • Claims processing – A critical aspect of healthcare operations that BPO companies can take over is the processing of patient’s medical claims. BPO companies can allocate appropriate amounts of resources and manpower to manage and process large magnitudes of medical claims.  
  • Healthcare technologies – Some healthcare BPOs offer intelligent health solutions using their expertise in areas such as AI and big data. The objective of such solutions can be anything from streamlining healthcare processes or digitizing and automating processes. 
  • Healthcare call centers – Healthcare BPOs also offer call center services to ensure round-the-clock interactions with patients who need issues resolved. They assist in managing patient appointments and providing services related assistance. This enhances engagement with patients. 

The benefits of Healthcare BPO outsourcing are aplenty. They streamline processes and focus efforts towards achieving quality patient care and optimizing employee efficiency. Some of the notable benefits are:

  • Increased focus on patient care
  • Optimized cost efficiency
  • Leveraging skilled expertise and technologies
  • Competitive advantage over other players in the market
  • Security of patient data
Healthcare BPO companies can go a long way in assisting healthcare organizations achieve patient engagement and loyalty and cost and time efficiencies. They have proven to be a comprehensive solution to addressing challenges that healthcare organizations face in terms of delivering quality patient care, easing burdens on in-house staff and smoothening workflows.

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