Collected bottles after the release of "Brother 2". Poverty, divorce from Dyatlov and an affair with Shevchuk Daria Yurgens

The actress became famous for her role as Marilyn in the film "Brother 2" and became friends during the filming with Sergei Bodrov. The death of a colleague in the Karmadon Gorge was a blow to Daria Yurgens. This grief was not the first for her, and, alas, not the last.

Daria's parents were actors Natalya Yurgens and Georgy Lesnikov, so for the first time the girl appeared on stage in infancy: she was rocked in her arms by the artists of the play "Virgin Soil Upturned". Deliberately, Dasha appeared on the stage at 10, having received a role in the play "The Power of Darkness".

As a child, Jurgens dreamed of a career as a veterinarian, then she thought of tying her fate to fencing and almost received the title of candidate master of sports - for chopping a rapier on the hand of her rival, Daria was disqualified from the competition, and in her hearts she abandoned her favorite hobby.

In any case, all roads led to St. Petersburg, where her mother and grandmother once left for Ukraine. Why was the continuer of the acting dynasty not taken to LGITMiK on the budget? How did a student meet love within the walls of the university, which brought happiness and pain at the same time? On January 20, Daria Yurgens turns 54, and we remember her turbulent past.

"gypsy" life

So, from Zhdanov, Donetsk region, Dasha rushed to cold Leningrad. To enter the university, it was necessary to write an essay, but Jurgens coped with the task no matter. She did not have one and a half points to pass on the budget. When the frustrated girl was already going to pick up the documents, the teachers called her: they offered to become a free listener.

Dasha liked studying, but there was nowhere to live, because she was not supposed to have a place in a hostel. For six months, the student spent the night in the classroom, went to the bathhouse to bathe, and had breakfast with what her fellow students brought. Everything would be fine, but soon repairs were started in the building. The teachers turned to the pupils with a request to shelter Yurgens - as much as they can.

Dasha was received warmly and kindly, as a rule, for two or three days, and then moaning began about the imminent arrival of relatives or the upcoming repairs. Jurgens was not offended and sometimes spent the night in a hotel, renting a bed in a room for six. The student told her neighbors stories: how she came to Leningrad for her fiancé's funeral or was looking for her lost twin sister. Trusting aunts listened with their mouths open, and at the same time fed the storyteller, which was only to her advantage.

A year later, the teachers said that they could take Dasha on the budget, but they would have to study again in the first year. The girl agreed, not suspecting that among the new classmates she would meet her fate - Evgeny Dyatlova. True, at first the guy who won the hearts of all the girls with songs to the guitar, Jurgens did not like at all. Still - the headman all the time pawned a truant who missed lectures, being a repeater.

Perhaps the lack of interest on the part of Dasha attracted Eugene. In any case, when the students went to the potatoes, the guy took Jurgens by the hand and said that he wanted to go with her all his life. Then a period of passions began, when the lovers first met, then parted. But shortly before the New Year, the sophomores realized that they could not live without each other.

In the fourth year, the students got married, although Daria did not really dream of a wedding. Soon, Jurgens became pregnant, as it seemed, at the wrong time, because there were reviews at local theaters on the nose. Fortunately, the head of the Youth Theater on the Fontanka, Semyon Spivak, took the graduate in position to work. Those 100 rubles that the actress was paid for "doing nothing" literally saved the young family from starvation, because Dyatlov, who had just settled in "Buff", did not receive any money at all.

“I ate like this: in the morning just half a loaf, and in the afternoon and evening half a loaf with milk. There are no products in the stores. For the sake of pitiful lumps of meat on the bones, which were sold on coupons, one had to stand for long hours. Endless queues and a constant feeling of hunger in a huge belly - this is how I remember my first pregnancy. How I wanted to eat! Zhenya is not around, he is rehearsing. I felt lonely, useless, abandoned, ”recalled Daria.

On January 20, 1991, on her birthday, the actress gave her husband a son, Yegor. It didn’t get any easier: the nursing mother still ate loaves, and soon recovered from 55 kilograms to 80. The artist’s child fell in love with Doshirak, because after breast milk he immediately switched to rice with cubed broth ...

The family huddled in the dormitory of the construction university, then in the conservatory. At some point, tired of the local cold, dampness and poverty, Yurgens decided to go to her mother in Mariupol. During the months of separation, Dyatlov sent touching letters, but when Daria returned to St. Petersburg, it turned out that her husband had cheated on her with a theater colleague.

Went to Shevchuk

Having confessed to betrayal, Dyatlov left for Nikopol, leaving a farewell phrase that he might love two women at once. In the following weeks, Daria hardly ate, but only smoked, cried and drank coffee. Terrible ideas came into my head, and only thoughts about my son forced the actress to live on.

Returning, Eugene did not recognize his wife: Daria lost 26 kilograms. The husband asked for forgiveness and assured that he loved only her. Yurgens agreed to forgive the betrayal on one condition: if Dyatlov leaves Buff, in which his mistress served. Soon both spouses played on the stage of Spivak's Fontanka.

“After Zhenya’s betrayal, I seemed to have forgiven him, but all love went into the fracture that had formed, leaving a void of indifference. It should have ended right then and there. And I was afraid of something. Yes, even resentment jumped. Ah, so you are? And I, too, began to behave badly, change. Sometimes, however, a reasonable thought visited me: what the hell are we living together then? What for? And once she said to Dyatlov: “I love another person, I’m leaving for Yura,” the actress said.

Yuri Shevchuk appeared at the theater to find actors for the video "DDT". At that moment, the singer was already a widow: his wife Elmira died in 1992 from a brain tumor, and the musician raised his son Petya alone. Shrouded in a halo of recent tragedy and the legends of St. Petersburg rock, Shevchuk attracted the attention of all the artists of the troupe. However, he himself laid eyes on Daria Yurgens.

A couple of weeks later, Yuri already came to Daria's performances as a friend, and she came to his studio and to concerts. And although the actress was not particularly impressed by the singer's work, in the end she fell in love with him as a man. Moreover, the artist spoke so beautifully: they say, Jurgens is the first woman who awakened feelings in him after the death of his wife. The musician also mentioned that children are born only out of love, but only after learning about the pregnancy of the passion, he was not happy.

The conversation turned out to be long and came down to one simple thought: if Daria wants this child, then she must quit the scene. The actress was not ready to sacrifice her career, so she decided to have an abortion. Shortly thereafter, the romance with the musician ended.

Not for love

It just so happened that the artist was met by a theater colleague Pyotr Zhuravlev from the hospital. Daria trusted him with all the secrets, talked about the ups and downs of relations with Yevgeny Dyatlov and Yuri Shevchuk. But Peter was not just friends with Daria - he was in love. “He brought me to his room in a communal apartment and I stayed with him for seven years. Petya became my second husband, ”Yurgens shared.

There was one piquant detail in this story: when the relationship with Peter was just beginning, Daria could not immediately divorce Dyatlov, but succumbed to a fit of feelings and suggested that the former start all over from scratch. Eugene agreed, although he had already met a new love. As a result, the actors left the chosen ones and agreed for a while. For a while - because they soon realized that a broken cup cannot be glued together.


Zhuravlev not only took Yurgens back, but also left the theater to provide for her: he went to sell leather jackets to the market. Why did the marriage break up anyway? Firstly, the feeling of tenderness and gratitude for Peter gradually melted away, and love never arose. And secondly, Daria loved to flirt and flirt, which irritated her jealous husband.

Daria realized that she did not miss Peter at all, on the set of Balabanov: first there was the drama "About Freaks and People", then the legendary "Brother 2". By the way, Sergei Bodrov was very supportive of the artist, who had just begun her career in cinema. The actress noted that her colleague in the criminal picture, due to her intelligence and responsiveness, did not at all resemble Danila Bagrov. For Daria, he became a good friend.

Returning from filming, Jurgens decided to stop deceiving herself and her husband, packed her things, took Yegor in an armful and left. For the fee from the filming of Brother 2, she bought a refrigerator and a bed, which now went to Peter. Well, Daria again roamed around friends until she rented a room in a communal apartment.


“I remember, “Brother-2” was released on the screens. A magazine appeared in the kiosk with my photo on the cover, but there was nothing to buy it, my wallet was empty. I collected bottles on the street, handed it in and bought this magazine for myself. But again, I didn't see anything special about it. Well, such is life. Fine. It was only when Sasha was pregnant that she realized that she needed to do something, it was impossible to live like that, and she began to borrow two hundred or three hundred dollars from acquaintances and friends to buy her own house. That's what happened with Sasha. After I left Petya, I had an office romance that ended in nothing. The man went to work in Moscow, and a month later I realized that I was pregnant. Following the word given after the abortion from Yura Shevchuk, I decided to give birth, ”the star confessed.


Civil marriage

The theater helped the pregnant actress buy a room, and filming in the series "Cop Wars" and "Sea Devils" pulled her out of poverty. For a long time, only the son of the star remained dissatisfied in this story: being offended by Dyatlov, Daria forbade her ex-husband to see the heir and even gave the boy the surname Lesnikov. Papa Egor called Peter Zhuravlev, but his mother broke up with him. When Yurgens cooled down and decided to let Eugene resume communication with a 12-year-old teenager, he replied that this was her child, so let her bring him up herself.

“I don’t blame Zhenya for anything, he also has the right to be offended. It’s only a pity that we said a lot of unnecessary and wrong words to each other and made our own child a hostage to these nonsense. I am even grateful to Dyatlov. He gave me two men. In addition to her son, she is also her husband. Once, Zhenya, who played in the play Macbeth, brought his hand-to-hand combat coach Seryozha Velikanov to the theater to stage a fight. Since then, Sergey has been staging stage fights not only in the theater, but also in the cinema, directing stunts and performing them himself in the frame. We met in the painting “Sea Devils,” Yurgens shared.

Past grievances were finally forgotten when Yegor grew up and decided to marry at 20. Parents finally improved relations, and therefore the wedding was fun and without scandals. A few years ago, Daria became a grandmother, which she was incredibly happy about. But the actress never got married to Sergei Velikanov: after past disappointments, it seemed to her that the stamp in the passport inevitably leads to divorce, but civil marriage is a pleasant and voluntary affair.

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