What is Spinal Cord Injury? What are the main Types and Causes of it?

Do you want to know all the details about the spinal cord injury? If yes, then you have landed at the right place. So, without any delay, let's dive into this article.


We can define spinal cord injury as damage or harm to a spinal cord’s part or nerves present at the spinal cord’s end. It often causes changes in the sensation, strength and several other body functions that are present below the injury’s site. Furthermore, this injury will affect every field of your life, and you can experience these changes socially, mentally and emotionally. Scientists are hopeful that it will nearly become possible to cure spinal cord injury. Now, let's shed some light on the symptoms of spinal cord injury.


If you are suffering from spinal cord injury, your capability to have control of your limbs usually depends on two factors: the severity and occurrence of the injury. The spinal cord’s lowest part that usually remains undamaged after getting an injury is named as the injury's neurological level. Furthermore, the injury’s seriousness or severity is named as completeness and usually divided into two classes:


If you lose both sensory and motor function below the area of spinal cord injury, then it will be referred as the complete spinal cord injury.


If you lost some sensory or motor function below your injury, it would be named incomplete spinal injury.

Furthermore, there is a possibility that you may get paralysis from spinal cord injury, so here we are going to discuss the types of paralysis:


This paralysis is also named quadriplegia. Your trunk, hands, arms, pelvic organs, and legs will be affected in this condition.


In this type of paralysis, your legs, trunk and pelvic organs will be affected completely or partially.

If you are suffering from a spinal cord injury, then you may have to suffer from one or more symptoms that we are going to enlist below:

     Movement’s loss

     Loss of bladder or bowel control

     Spasms or exaggerated reflex activities

     Stinging sensation or pain

     Complications in breathing, secretions from lungs

     Sexual fertility or sensitivity

Signs and Symptoms of Spinal Cord Injury due to Accident

In this section, we are going to discuss some symptoms of spinal cord injury that are caused by accident:

Intense back pain or pressure in head, neck or back

Paralysis in a part of body, weakness or coordination

Bowel and bladder control loss

Impaired breathing due to the injury

Twisted back or neck

Complication while walking

Loss of sensation or tingling in feet, fingers, hands or toes

Final Thoughts

To sum up the article, we would like to say that we have mentioned all the important details about spinal cord injury in this article. It is pertinent to find out whether you are suffering from it or not as soon as possible. If you have any queries, you can drop your concern in the comments section.

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