Services You Didn't Know Moving Companies Offered


 A professional move company plays a vital role during a move. The movers can handle different moves, which can be residential or commercial. Most mover companies offer packing, shipping, and warehousing services. They use the right equipment and packaging supplies to ensure a safe and stress-free journey. Apart from shipping, these professionals offer many other services that you probably don't know about. These include:

1. Packing and unpacking

Packing is time-consuming and can make ruin your journey. For instance, if you use proper supplies or don't pack right, you'll likely incur damages and losses. If you have lots of packaging to do and lack adequate time to do this, you can always outsource the services from a moving company. The team will accomplish this safely and faster, but the cost will depend on the items and type of packaging supplies used.

2. Disassembly& reassembling of furniture

Disassembling bulky furniture can be hectic. But, professional moving companies offer these services for antique and expensive furniture pieces. They have the experience and specialized equipment to dismantle the furniture and load them safely. Also, the team will help assemble your furniture at your new home o office, which avoids lots of inconveniences. What of the cost? Most companies charge the services on an hourly basis.

3. Appliance servicing

 Are you having challenges disconnecting your electrical appliances? This shouldn't bother you. Professional movers offer such services and will disconnect your devices and set them up in your new home or office. However, you'll be expected to pay an extra fee for the services. Therefore, if you already got a quote, inquire if the cost included the services, or you'll have to pay separately. 

4. Hoisting services

 If you own bulky furniture pieces that won't fit through the doors, corridors, or steep staircases, the movers can help. They usually use ropes and pulleys to get them out through the window. However, this requires a lot s of skills and experience to avoid damaging your items.

5. Shuttle services 

 Most companies use large trucks that can accommodate different items. In some cases, these may be unable to access certain residences, especially in the case of narrow roads or weak bridges. You'll then need a small vehicle to pick and drop your items at your residence. For this reason, most mover companies offer shuttle services, but these involve several trips depending on the location and type of items being moved.

If moving to a tall building, the movers will have to move the items up the stairs, and you'll pay for flight services or an elevator fee.

6. Split pick up& delivery

 If you want to move some items that aren't in your home and have to be picked from another location, you may necessitate spilt pickups services. The team will pick the items and deliver them to your final destination. 

Final thoughts

 Mover companies offer different services. As you get a quote from the company, ask for a list of all the accessorial services provided and choose a company to suit your needs. Ensure that the company is licensed and insured to offer such services.

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