History of Israel

Israel is a small country with an ancient history. The Jewish people left their nomadic lifestyle 35 centuries ago, settling in what would later be known as "the land." 

The narrow coastlines and lush deserts make for some unique scenery that you won't find anywhere else on Earth!

The ancient soil of Israel is steeped in history and genealogy. The Jewish people, whose roots date back some 35 centuries ago when they first arrived as an electoral tribe under King David (I), have maintained their demographic presence throughout the various exiles that befell them following Jesus' death on Calvary - even if it meant becoming a minority among many other populations around this region who also claim lineage from biblical times! With Independence Day coming up next week here at home ol’ISRAEL will finally become new again.

Israel is a small country that lies at the juncture of three continents. It's located in Eastern Europe, on one side; Asia with its Middle East neighbors to north and northeast as well as Africa just across sea from Egypt to south where Atlas Mountains bound it embrace coastlands ranging eastward up into Sinai Peninsula

In 2018 alone over half-a -million people visited ISRAEL! This bustling metropolis has something for everyone – from ancient ruins richly preserving invaluable artifacts spanning centuries back through history such notably discovered here are remains revealing how this region was home not only Jewish Identification but also Arab presence before Christianity came along bringing even more.

Israel is a small country with vast landscape. It’s located on the eastern side of Asia, north to south and east-west width wise at around 360 km which makes it about half the size as France or Texas but has more than three times their land mass dedicated towards agriculture due its lack/ scarcity in natural resources like water etc... The terrain varies from forests highlands all way down into semidesert areas where you can find salt flats known officially (among other things) by travelers everywhere simply called "The Dead Sea."

Israel's climate is diverse and complex. With much sunshine, it has a rainy season from November to April which brings about an average rainfall of 20 inches (50 cm). Annual precipitation ranges significantly between regions; however the coasts receive more than twice as much water compared with other areas in Israel such was seen during flooding earlier this year when storm cells brought damaging winds along coastal areas leaving many homeless . The country also features hot humid summers alongside mild winters where snow can fall at any time throughout winter months especially on high mountainsides but not too far away either within historic recent memory or even centuries ago!

Israel is a haven for nature. With over 500 species of birds, 200 mammals and reptiles to explore within its borders there’s something here for everyone! 70% (or more)of Israel's plant life occurs nowhere else on Earth - that makes it all the more important we protect this natural wonder so future generations can enjoy these wonders too

The rich variety in plants & animals reflects geographic location along w/varied topography + climate

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