Can The Egyptian Real Estate Market Be Crushed By 2022?


Based on record house prices in Egypt, insanely low commercial property prices, and highly competitive markets in both residential and commercial, however, by 2022 the real estate market is expected to start crashing. Historically, it is clear that record growth cannot last forever. 

The main factors influencing property prices are supply and demand. Low-interest rates have attracted many buyers, but low supply has led to record price increases. There is undoubtedly a shortage of property in many markets, but the data does not paint a clear picture of the extent of the shortage.

La Casa Property experts say that the final phase of the property cycle is the super-expansion when construction and supply exceed the demand and we reach a tipping point, followed by a recession. If current levels of development continue, or if concurrent factors such as increasing numbers of homeowners seeking to avoid foreclosure occur, property prices could slow or reverse in 2022 or shortly thereafter.

Although certain factors in Egypt could push the property market over the threshold after 2022, it is unlikely that any of these factors would lead to an immediate and sudden market collapse as we have seen in the past. Housing market collapses are not as common as you might think. Any major economic event, such as a new tax policy, a stock market crash, or unlimited inflation, will undoubtedly lead to a housing market collapse, but there is no guarantee that it will happen.

Instead, all of that a huge investment, by an Egyptian real estate development company “uc development” has launched its New Capital project, the East Tower New Capital, which was chosen for its unique location in the Central Business District (CBD), the main site of the new administrative capital.

To ensure a successful station in the heart of the Administrative Capital, following these successive achievements, the company chose the best location in the area with its iconic tower and panoramic views of the Green River to ensure a combination of the most outstanding factors for the success of the investment project.

The Characteristics of The New East Tower New Capital 

  • The first row of the mall is in front of the iconic tower;

  • The front of the mall overlooks the green river;

  • It offers a direct view of the Mohammed bin Zayed North Axis;

  • It is close to the Presidential Palace and the ministries;

  • The government offices and financial district are just minutes away…

The East Tower New Capital Services

  • Entertainment area for children;

  • The best restaurants and cafes;

  • Rest houses for visitors;

  • A beautifully landscaped artificial lake;

  • Green spaces in all directions around the mall…

For more amazing features and services of the East Tower New Capital project visit our website at La Casa Property and enjoy the future

Well, only time will tell us about the future of the market. Investors and homeowners don't necessarily have to worry or try to time the market. If they do, this is a great opportunity to buy property at a lower price than today's high prices. While the best way to avoid the ups and downs of a volatile market is to buy and hold a property for the long term.

To know more about the project don't hesitate to visit our website

And there is another very good project in new cairo Egypt

Mountain View ICity New Cairo

In partnership between the public sector represented by the Urban Communities Authority and the private sector represented by Mountain View Real Estate Development Company, one of the largest real estate projects in the Fifth Settlement comes out for us, with investments exceeding $3.6 billion, which is the Mountain View iCity New Cairo project, which includes 15,000 A housing unit, other than the commercial and administrative aspect, to be an integrated urban community that meets the requirements of sustainable development in Egypt, in accordance with the latest designs and international standards, which combine authenticity and civics.

Mountain View iCity New Cairo location

The Mountain View iCity New Cairo project enjoys a very strong and promising location now and in the future, due to its location on the Middle Ring Road, minutes away from Suez Road on one side, and Sokhna Road on the other side.

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