Refining Your Hiring Process with Background Checks

Background checks promote safe workplaces. That’s a given. But is that the only benefit of a well-defined, consistently applied background check policy? Not by a long shot. Here are four ways background checks contribute to better hiring:

1. More Comfort with Remote Hiring

Remote workers are here, figuratively, to stay. While this has, and still does, require adjustments, it’s ultimately good news. Opening up your organization to remote employees gives you access to talent around the world that will offer broad perspectives and vision to your business. That said, hiring people you have not met in person can feel, and actually be, risky. Domestic and international background checks reduce that risk and help employers feel more confident in all their hiring decisions. Check out this page to see if someone has an arrest record.

2. Less Bias and More Diversity

Unconscious bias is a real phenomenon that rears its ugly head during the hiring process and leads to a workforce that’s flat and vanilla. Using a CRA background screening vendor to run pre-employment background checks creates a fair screening process that is free from bias. Why is that true? Here are a few examples:

  • Filters. You and your background check partner can create filters that allow you to see and make decisions based only on the info you care about. If you care about a clean driving record, you’ll be able to view all candidates with an unblemished motor vehicle report. This puts all candidates on a level playing field.
  • Adjudication. Professional consumer reporting agencies apply your hiring criteria across all candidates and highlight those that require further review. This removes bias and reduces the likelihood of discrimination. 
  • Exceptions. When a background check comes back with a red flag, using a third-party background check provider gives you a way to allow the candidate space to explain their situation. 

3. Scalable Hiring

Current circumstances may have left your company shorthanded, with a need to run leaner, or scrambling to onboard new talent for growth. Regardless of your situation, your hiring practices need to adjust. A background check partner helps you continue to maintain high hiring standards at any scale. Tools such as ATS integrations, automated tasks, and others will keep your hiring running smoothly whether you’re ramping up or scaling down. 

4. Improved Compliance

Compliance is a significant issue in the world of background checks. One of the biggest advantages of using a CRA background check provider is their compliance expertise. They’ll ensure that you stay on top of all forms and notices and keep you abreast of industry-specific regulations. 

Not Just About Safety

Background checks aren’t just about workplace safety. Talk to your background screening vendor today about the many ways they can support your hiring practices. 

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