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If you're one of those people who loves to switch up their looks every now and then, this article is for you.  Giving your hair a full-blown makeover can be a very good option in this case. If you ask us then we can suggest nothing better than a hair colouring session. Hair coloring adds more edge to your personality and also gives you a whole new look that you can cherish. Hair coloring can be done under the care of some professionals but that does impact greatly on your pocket. Salons charge a bomb for any hair coloring or highlighting sessions. That is why hair coloring at home is a much safer and budget-friendly option. Although, you need to keep a few things in your mind before you get started with this.  In this article, we're going to talk about some of those hair coloring Hacks that you must know before you sit with your DIY hair coloring kit at home.


  1. Don’t get convinced by the box:

Most of us tend to get convinced by whatever shade of hair color we see on the picture of the model on the pack of the hair color. But, that photo is misleading in most cases because the developers used in these DIY packs are much stronger than the ones used in salons. These make your hair turn into a much lighter shade and that is why you must check the chart instead of the picture of the model for a better reference.


  1. Take a strand test:

One thing that you must not forget before going for hair coloring at home is that you ought to take a strand test. This gives you the actual idea of the hair color is going to turn out on your hair. Take a strand from around your earlobe maybe and apply the hair color on it and leave it for the prescribed time. After washing the product off, you will be able to see the actual hair color and its color pay off on your natural hair.


  1. Always stock up more than one box:

Nothing is worse than running out of the product you’re using during your hair coloring session. And that is why this is something that you must keep in your mind. Always stock up more than one box of hair color before you get started. If you have medium or long-length hair then you will definitely need two packs but if you go for full global hair color then might even need more for even distribution. In case you do not use all the packs, you can always use them later for touch-up or re-coating purposes.



  1. Take note of your hair texture:

The texture of your hair determines its color intake capacity. Straight hair absorbs lesser hair color in comparison to curly hair which is why straight hair tends to bring out the warm tones on your hair better whereas, on the other hand, curly hair absorbs hair color very well and thus gives out cool tones better.


  1. Part your hair into sections carefully:

Even you’re going for an in-house hair coloring session, do not forget to section your hair before you apply hair color to it. Sectioning your hair helps you divide your hair color evenly throughout your hair length. If you have curly hair then sectioning is a must because it helps to not end up with patchy work which is truly the worst space to be in. Take this seriously and do it the professional way, and divide your hair in a minimum of 4-6 sections or according to your preference. After you’re done sectioning your hair, always start coloring from the back portion because that is the darkest part and needs more time to develop.


  1. Lone rangers mustn’t forget a mirror:

If you’re a lone ranger and you’re going for this the same way then you cannot afford to forget two mirrors. While coloring the backside of your hair, you need to keep checking to not miss any strands and distribute the color evenly. A handheld mirror serves the purpose the best in this situation. To get the best results, you should keep one like that handy.


  1. Watch out for the ends of your hair strands:

When we use hair color on the ends of our hair, it gets dried out super soon. This makes it even more difficult to save the last three 3-4 cms of your hair. In a situation like this, you must leave out the last three-four centimeters of your hair while coloring it. While washing it out after coloring, mix the leftover hair color with the shampoo you are about to use and dab it properly on your hair. This adds color and shine to your hair but also adds nourishment to the ends at the same time and prevents drying.


  1. Do not tie your hair after hair coloring:

Many people do suggest tying your hair into a bun after applying the hair color to it but that really doesn’t help in any way. All it does is induce hair fall and hair breakage while you shampoo your hair right after hair coloring. Therefore, do not go for tying your hair after you color it, let it down, and if you want you can use aluminum foil on your hair to get better results.


  1. Be careful with the clean-up:

Hair color stains can be really bad if you don’t prep your skin for it before applying the product. In most cases, people end up with hair color stains all over their neckline, ear lobes, and of course on their foreheads. To avoid this, you can apply generous amounts of lip balm, vaseline, or even coconut oil in these areas before you start with the hair coloring so that you don’t stain them. In case, you forget to use any of these products before starting off with the hair color, you can always use micellar water to do the deed.


  1. Shampoo and condition:

Rinsing your hair off carefully is something that you mustn’t forget after hair coloring. The chemicals in the product should not form any lumps in your hair length because that can induce hair fall. Therefore, you should rinse off your hair carefully with any preferred color-protectant shampoo. After you get with the shampoo, you have to go for conditioning with the conditioner provided with your hair color pack or any other color protectant product. Conditioner makes sure that your hair gets the right amount of nourishment, reduces the risk of damage, and also locks in the color.


If you’re looking out for an easy and safe option for coloring your hair then you must go for Godrej Expert Rich Creme. It is available in a wide range of colors and is absolutely ammonia free which doesn’t allow your hair to get damaged that easily. It’s also pocket-friendly which makes it the most in-demand and trusted product in the market. With these hair colouring hacks and the right product, you can style your hair whichever way you want to without any hindrance. So, go for it without any second thoughts and get your new look today. Happy Coloring!









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