Fun Christmas Traditions for Teenagers

 The holiday season is a time for family traditions. After all, it's the one time of year when most people come together to celebrate with their loved ones. But what about teenagers? Christmas is typically an event that they are not invited to because they are too old or too young. This article will discuss some fun ideas for Christmas traditions that involve teenagers to make them feel included and part of the celebration this year!

Make a List of the People you Want to Buy Gifts For

One way to include teenagers in the Christmas holiday festivities is by assigning them a list of people or family members responsible for buying gifts. This will allow them to feel like they are part of the process and pressure their parents. If you decide that your teenager is responsible for buying a gift for another person (like finding teen boy stocking stuffers), make sure that you let them know what those people might want as gifts, such as clothing sizes or favorite colors, so that they can choose something useful and appropriate for them. This will take some pressure off your parents while getting everyone involved in the process.

Ask Your Parents What They Would Like as a Gift from You

Another option you have when deciding on ways to involve teens with fun traditions this year is asking their parents what gifts would be most appropriate and meaningful for them this year! It could be something that they really need or want too, depending on what your family values. After all, your folks want to know that you care about achieving good grades and maintaining strong relationships with friends, so why not ask them how best to achieve these goals?

Spend Time with Family and Friends, Not Just Online or on Your Phone

This tip seems like common sense, but it's worth mentioning that teens need to spend time with people face-to-face and not just online or on their phones. This past year, some teenagers have been so engrossed with social media and messaging apps that they've lost touch with their parents as well as the friends who used to hang out together all of the time. This is unfortunate because it means teens are missing out on a lot of fun traditions! If you have a family gathering planned, tell your friends you won't be able to meet up because teenagers need to take some time off from social media during the holidays! This will help keep them centered and less stressed out about everything going on this month.

Put Up Christmas Lights Outside Your House To Make It More Festive

For those of us who love decorating our homes for Christmas, there is no better way than turning on all the lights to make things extra festive!  If you live in a neighborhood that allows (or encourages) Christmas lights, be sure to put them up outside your house. This is an easy way for everyone around to know the holiday season has arrived and it's time to start celebrating. Plus, if your parents are uncomfortable letting teens run wild around town at night, then they can fulfill this task themselves while still feeling as though they are a part of the holiday festivities.

Bake Cookies with the Kids Before School Starts Back Up Again

Another good idea is to bake cookies together before school starts up again in January. This is a great activity for the whole family to do together as it involves everyone from teenagers and their parents right down to younger kids. This will help teenagers feel included in the holiday spirit while working on their baking skills with some guidance from mom or dad. If you're going away for a break, this task can also be assigned to your siblings or parents, who will then have a tasty treat waiting upon your return!

Watch It's A Wonderful Life Together as a Family on Christmas Eve Night

One thing that almost all families enjoy doing at some point during their holiday celebrations is watching movies together! The only downside is that it becomes harder and harder for teens to find something suitable to watch once they get above age 12 because most kids' movies are targeted towards younger audiences. However, if you want to engage with an older movie this year, then It's A Wonderful Life is perfect for Christmas Eve nights because there is no inappropriate language or scenes in it! Suppose your family would rather watch something more lighthearted and appropriate for all ages. In that case, Elf will be another good option that everyone can enjoy at the end of their holiday celebrations together.

Many of the traditions we experienced as children can be quite enjoyable when revisited with our teenagers. Consider what you enjoyed and talk about it with your teenager to see if they want to try any out this year or in future years. They may even come up with some new tradition that will become a family favorite!

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