It is not a secret that children learn in different ways. Some of them are more visual learners, while others rely on auditory cues or other senses. COCO the educational app can appeal to many different types of students. Our educational and physical programs on tablet and smartphone, for kids 5 - 10 years old  has more than 30 educational games to train the cognitive functions (memory, attention, language, strategy) and is adapted for all children. The main feature to highlight: the break. After 15 minutes of screen time, the app stops and the children are forced to do some physical activities proposed by the app. it helps children learn how to use screens with moderation while doing sports! Better than a parental control. Additionally, children can go at their own pace instead of following the teacher's rate of instruction. Getting the opportunity to learn without a teacher's direct influence encourages students to value independent study. Our app supports teacher as well as helps students. In addition to assisting teachers with grading and organization, our app helps a teacher educate their students. Our apps can act as built-in lessons and aid a teacher in tracking a student's progress.

Furthermore, it can enhance a teacher's lesson by offering another approach to a subject. There is no denying that children love to use our educational app. They are stimulating and fun. While teachers may have difficulty getting children to pay attention to a classroom lesson, they rarely have difficulty motivating a student to use a tablet. While students are not always interested in a lecture, they are curious about a particular subject due tour app. Using COCO education apps is a way to promote interest in topics that students might otherwise disregard.In almost any profession, you are going to need to use tablets. Using COCO education app prepares children to use technology. Many of the skills necessary to use apps are the same abilities they will need to perform everyday tasks and certain job functions. Furthermore, children who do not have tablets at home have the chance to develop their technology skills by using our simple and easy app. COCO learning apps for kids give children with disabilities a way to learn that they cannot receive in a traditional classroom environment.For example, our educational games for kids focus on helping dyslexic children to read and autistic children to develop social skills. Making progress individually, without public scrutiny, is important for students who are used to being judged. COCO educational mobile apps directly target the psychology of the students which helps students to understand and grab the information from a different perspective. The app makes them understand the concepts by giving those challenging tasks, puzzles, and educational games. The audio-Visual form of education is been liked by most of the students. This newness in the universe of learning makes them excited and eager to learn. Moreover our educational Mobile applications are accessible anywhere anytime. It is not time-bound. Study when you feel to study is the concept it follows.

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