9 Tips for Office Relocation


Relocating your office can be both exciting and challenging. It is a big leap to your success but moving can be difficult. So, let’s help you make office relocation trouble-free with the following tips.

9 Tips for Office Relocation

Remember that moving into a new office should be inspiring and less stressful.

1.    Plan the Relocation

Planning is an important step in making a big move in your business, especially when relocating your office. Remember to include budget planning to identify the cost you need for the process. This should also include schedules and time frames for moving. It may be best to include a date for visiting the new location.

2.    Visit the New Location

On your visit to the new location, ask for the property’s blueprint. This can help you maximise the space and have a practical design for your new office. A good layout can help you arrange your fixtures and position every member of your team optimally. You will find it easier to organise your equipment and furniture upon unloading.

3.    Find a Good Removalist

Another important thing to consider is a good removalist. Find a removals team you can trust. Commercial moving can be a truckload of stress but choosing the right team can help your office move stress-free.

You can look up for listing online and narrow down your list to about 3 choices and check their availability and what services they can offer. Choose the best moving company that can provide for your needs.

You may also ask for a quote to know if the cost of the removal is within your budget. Once you’ve decided on which company to hire, book for their services.


4.    Involve the Team

You cannot possibly move the entire office on your own, so, don’t hesitate to ask for help from your team. They sure will be glad to take part in the relocation process.

Communicate with each member of your team and give them assignments, especially in packing office tools, supplies and appliances. By getting everyone to participate, you can save time and cost. The unloading can also be more efficient this way.

Assign some team members to create a backup for your electronic data while others should do the initial preparation of the new office space. Others can be tasked to call and inform your clients of the change you are about to embark on.

5.    Inform Your Clients

This is one of the most important steps in relocating offices. Remember that your clients contribute to the continuing success of your business. It helps to make a relocating campaign like “We’re Moving…” email blasts or social media announcements.

Most of all, change the contact information on your website and social media accounts. It helps to let clients know where you are relocating and how they can get in touch with you after the move.

6.    Secure Office Data

Another crucial thing to do is to create a backup of all your electronic data. You should also remember to secure important documents. It is highly advisable to bring these documents personally with you on the day you will move.

7.    Prepare Things to Move

While some removalists offer pre-packing services, it also helps to do the packing on your own, especially if you have enough team members to do the packing. This can help minimise packing costs.

You may also find it beneficial to know the content of every box. Use a labelling system and clear containers for more efficient packing techniques. Don’t forget to make an inventory of all the supplies, devices, furniture and equipment of the office. This can be useful during and even after the move.

8.    Sort Out the Junk

After completing your inventory list, go over it again and mark the things that are no longer useful for the team. Make sure to reevaluate the list before finally clearing them out. When they have been sorted, properly dispose of the things you do not need. You may opt to sell, trash or donate them.

9.    Be Ready for the Moving Day

When everything is prepared, be ready to move. Call your removalist a day or two before the scheduled moving day to make sure that they will be there on time and that everything is set.

Ask them for contact details to ensure that you can get in touch with them any time during the move. A dependable removals company have a reliable communication system so you can feel at ease and comfortable.


These are the things that you need to consider to make your office relocation smoother and more efficient. However, before deciding to relocate, there are things that you need to account for.

Some Business Relocation Expenses

One of the most significant factors for office relocation is your budget. You should allocate certain costs and consider changes in your business expenditures.

Here are some things you need to factor in:

       Property values of your current office and the new place you are relocating to;

       Rental fees and other auxiliary expenses for the new office;

       Business insurance rates and utility bills;

       State fees and other taxes;

       Product cost adjustments;

       New furniture and appliances needed;

       Advertising and marketing costs; and

       Changes in standard salaries and minimum wages.

Ready for a new office environment?

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