9 Free Ways to Increase Your Discord Members

Starting a Discord Server sounds cool and easy, to be honest it really is but real disappointment begins when there is hardly anyone in the group to talk about.

You don’t want your newly created Discord group go dead without any interaction happening. So, what can you really do to keep your Discord group active? Well, there are plenty of things which you can do to make your Discord server active and increase members of the server as well, let’s go through them one by one.

  1. Right Title: This is the most important thing because you need your Discord server to appear on searches and you don’t want to use a name which is not being searched enough. If people don’t find your Discord Server, then how will they become a part of it. Use a good catchy, witty name and add proper description describing your Group. 

  1. Make use of text decorations, Memes & GIFs: To grab the attention of new generation, you’ll need to adapt to the new generation liking. What could be better than funny memes and GIFs? Use Memes and witty captions wherever possible.

  1. Custom emojis: Create special custom emojis made only for your Discord community. That way, you will have something unique of your own. This will appeal teens, younger audience and they’ll start using too and thus, increase in interaction.

  1. Paid Method: If you are impatient and want to skip hassle then there are many trusted third party websites on the internet from where you can buy Discord Server Members at affordable rates.

  1. Custom fonts for Discord: Custom fonts are very unique and interesting way to enhance the developing members of the server. The font decoration is a unique way to maintain the developing category of server decoration and reaching to more people.

  1. Choose right keywords: Selecting right keywords is important as choosing the title. There will be many Servers of the same topic and point of discussion, but what will make you appear on top of other Servers is choosing right keywords for your Discord Community.

  1. Enrich the server with using Bots: Discord server should be enhanced with using some interesting Discord bots. The usability and fascination and guidelines to maintain the bots will help the provider to use bots in the system. Without using any bots, the discord server is incomplete. 

  1. Greet the Users: the users should be welcomed with proper greeting onto the server to develop the means of way of increasing new membership. Welcome and giving importance to the members are the proper methods to develop the enhancing capacity of the channel into different directions.

Add server to the listing of servers: different kinds of server listing are there available to make enlisted into the server lists. Among them there are few which carry potentially lists of servers to attract the attention of the customers. The proper listing is essential to deal with the server maintenance and adding new members. And by maintaining these methods the server member counts will be increased automatically. The incorporation of new members and processes into the system the development of the function has been improved to moderate the channel.

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