Are you living in the digital age and involved in the digital world for your business? So, here we bring a solution for the problem in the conversation: the best Gmail widget for Android. But, why just email is the optimal service for your communication? 

Email can enhance efficiency, productivity and business success in the modern world. Using email in business is sending email costs the same regardless of distance and the number of people you send it to


The majority of people have one email account, such as Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo. Using an individual email app will maximize your experience.

In contrast, most people have email apps from multiple providers and want something that can aggregate it all in a single location. If you’re looking for new applications, here are the Best Email Apps for Android.

  1. GMAIL 

GMAIL is a no-cost app, provided on Android mobile rating close to 5 and, you can also use it on the PC. Due to its easy use and Google product, it is pre-installed on the mobile.

Aspects to consider

  • Gmail supports all kinds of stuff including messages coming from Google, Yahoo, Outlook and other sources.
  • Store many accounts in this app and change the default account according to your wish.
  • That’s used around the earth due to its popularity and messages.
  • Provides a lot of free storage that is enough for the daily user person.
  • You can select specific folders and highlight the important messages.
  • Create new messages on the wall screen and deliver them to any person.


The Android application has a rating of over 4.5 and is free to download. It contains beautiful icons which make the screen of mobile more attractive. Images present in WIDGET FOR Gmail can vary from smaller to larger sizes.

Aspects to consider

  • Keep, you update at the time of new messages side by side you can put any message into the archive, unread or delete conversation.
  • Support several accounts. You can alter the default account at any time according to your need. 
  • WIDGET for GMAIL Provides customized appearance and support labels for various emails.
  • Include design guidelines and options to appear in the messages.


The shape of the icon is compatible with its purpose (sending and receiving messages) plus it is presently free of cost with a high rating of more than 4.6. Ratings and reviews show that it is the most widely used app.

Aspects to consider

  • Support Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud and outlook email. With Blue, you can manage all your email accounts in one place.
  • You can copy the message and send it to any people on your contact list.
  • After sending mail you can check the delivery, read messages.
  • Composing option is available. 
  • Scrollable email app.

  1. TypeApp mail-email app

TypeApp presents free service to user, rating of 4.3 belongs in the category of communication. TypeApp is provides the free custom of dark and light modes. If you’re looking for an email widget to handle the multiple accounts of your company, TypeApp is the best option for your work. You can set up TyeApp and, it works well on the PC.

Aspects to consider

  • Grouping is the option that makes TypeApp special.
  • Quick access is available directly in the inbox.
  • Notification ring is customizable on TypeApp.
  • User-friendly with a pleasing appearance.
  • Easy to register

  1. mYMail: for Hotmail & Outlook

mYMail with a rating of 4.4, and lies in the category of communication. myMail keeps you up to date during the incoming messages, delivery and receiving messages. Different icons or the ability to change the folder colour and key messages is a feature of this app.

Aspects to consider

  • Real-time notification approach, searching through the local phonebook and server, simple to operate.
  • mYMail manages all your email accounts like Outlook, Google and Yahoo.
  • Keep your email safe and easy to access with a single click.
  • mYMail provides Avatars and images preview, attractive interface.

  1. Proton Mail

This app is free of cost on Google Play with a rating of more than 4.6, occupying less storage. The shape of the app shows its purpose (security) as convenient to receive and send messages. Facility to make folders, sub-folders and files are available.

Aspects to consider

  • After making the draft, you can set a reminder on Proton Mail for the due time.
  • Through two-factor authentication, it provides security to the users.
  • Users are present in more than 180+ countries of the world.
  • Easy to use, customizable.

Last But Not Least

We compose this article after completing the research. And, these are the most used Gmail widgets for Android mobiles. Each Gmail widget we mention in the list is trusted and used worldwide. I hope that this article will help you in your business and, personal life. 

Still, if you’ve any questions, you can inquire about us. It’ll be great happiness for us.

Thank You!

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