14 Essential Digital Marketing Tactics For eCommerce Websites

The digital era has enhanced the possibilities of eCommerce within a short period of time. Along with a huge mass of users, the Covid 19 lockdown phase has resulted in a huge majority of the internet users becoming online shoppers. For the same reason, the number of eCommerce stores has also rapidly increased.

Thus, for your eCommerce website to stay in touch with potential customers, you need to come up with perfect digital marketing strategies that can improve your online presence. Here, we will have a look at some of the very essential digital marketing strategies for eCommerce websites.

Boost Product Display

Online shoppers are still concerned about the overall quality of the product they purchase. Thus, they always look for the best visualization, and often back off from the purchase if they are not provided with as many images and visual features of the product. You must display the product with high-quality photos, zoom options, 360-degree features, and even 3D technology if available. All these provide the customers with a complete view of the product. They should have an idea about the product right from its visualization itself. Studies suggest that 3D visualization of a product increases its sale by almost 25 percent.

Use Videos

Using videos to demonstrate the product and its functioning is yet another part of the visualization process. Most customers feel confident in purchasing a product only after watching videos that detail it. If you can convey the value, purpose, and benefits of your product through well0designed videos, people will have the urge to purchase it soon. Digital marketing agencies in Dubai also stress having a dedicated youtube channel for your eCommerce website where you can update the customers with new products, offers, sales festivals, etc.

AI is the Future

Artificial Intelligence can provide a boost for your eCommerce business starting from lead generation to sales. It can collect data about customer behaviors and detect how a customer will react while being on the website. AI can analyze conversion rates, bounce rates, and other metrics to provide you with the perfect solutions for the drawbacks of the website. AI algorithms can provide your customer with more personalized service as products according to their interest are displayed when they return to your website. With the customer behavior already known, you can set the design and navigation of the website in the best way. 

Organized Product Filtering

If you offer a wide range of products, you can never provide a positive website experience to your customers without accurate product filtering. People are online to find a product and make the purchase as soon as possible. Having an advanced filtering feature will make sure that your eCommerce store is very easy to be used. This will also provide you an advantage in the industry as almost 40 percent of major eCommerce sites still do not have advanced filtering. Thus, the goal should be to make sure customers can find their desired products effortlessly and thus decrease bounce rates due to poor first impressions.

Chatbots For Assistance

Chatbots are actually the first way of customer communication for any eCommerce website. AI chatbots can be used to provide the perfect solutions for user queries, and that too in a very friendly way. Chatbots can take your eCommerce business to a different level with 24/7 user support and easy guidance for your target customers. Dedicated chatbots provide a very personalized experience to the customer that can surely influence their purchase decisions.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the basic digital marketing strategy used for any kind of website to be ranked better by search engines. For this, your website should be rich with quality content that is designed with relevant keywords specific to the niche. This includes product details, descriptions, and any other textual content where keyword-specific content can be included. Other than this, you may also publish long-form content about a product, how to use it, what are its benefits, etc. The idea here is to provide as much content available to potential customers so that your eCommerce website becomes a reliable source in terms of clarity and user experience. Search engines like Google consider both these factors as a metric to rank websites for related searches. But you should design the website content in such a way that only 20 percent of it is promotional and the remaining 80 percent is highly informative. You may partner with a reliable SEO company in Dubai that can assist you with the perfect SEO techniques.

Flexible Delivery

Providing a positive customer experience is never limited to the online features of your eCommerce business. You should provide your customers with flexible delivery options according to their convenience. Almost 40 percent of the customers abandon their cart if the delivery options do not meet their requirements. The delivery options you provide should ensure quick and efficient service with the delivery charges minimized as much as possible. 

Use Wishlists

Wishlists on your eCommerce website provide you with a plethora of information about the interests and needs of a customer. Customers normally add the products of their interests and requirements to their wishlist. Analyzing this wishlist, you can send them personalized emails about these products, their features, along interesting offers or discounts. The idea here is to create a sense of attraction and urgency of purchasing the product right away so that the customer can benefit from the short-term offers.

Reduce Cart Abandonment

Cart abandonment is the most challenging aspect that even the leading eCommerce platforms experience day-today. Even though limited delivery options are a major reason for this, there are many other aspects like slow-loading pages, confusing navigation, complicated checkout processes, and additional shipping charges that lead to cart abandonment. You can reduce the situation of cart abandonment by making sure that your eCommerce website has easy navigation, an easy checkout process, fast loading pages, media, etc. But very often customers may abandon the cart due to personal reasons also. So, the best thing to counter cart abandonment is by initiating an email recovery strategy. Whenever someone abandons their cart, you may send personalized emails encouraging and reminding them to complete their purchase. You may also repeat the emails with other relevant products too. Almost half of all recovery emails are opened by the customers and nearly 30 percent of those end up in a purchase.

User-Generated Content Helps

One of the best factors that encourage a customer to purchase a product is another happy customer. People often look for the customer reviews of a specific product before purchasing it to make sure that the product fulfills its claims. Almost half of your potential customers trust other customer reviews and make purchase decisions based on that. Thus, you should provide room for your customers to post their reviews on the product page itself. This way, the users on your product page will go through the reviews to make up their decision. You may also initiate social media campaigns among your customers offering gifts so that they promote your brand using hashtags and post genuine reviews about your products. User-generated content is also a great way to promote your eCommerce business through social media.

Mobile Friendliness

With smartphones and other handy small-screen devices getting very popular, your eCommerce website should be mobile-friendly to have the advantage of a large portion of your potential customers. A large majority of the customers find online shopping through mobile phones. So, your duty is to provide them with a mobile-friendly website design that provides ease of access and use. The shopping cart should follow the customers wherever they are on the page so that they can add items to their cart easily. The product details page, images, and other media should be optimized to load faster so that the visitors do not bounce back to look for a better site. The content should also be easily readable while being viewed on smaller screens. Most SEO companies recommend having a responsive design for an eCommerce website even if it does not have a dedicated mobile version or app.

Provide Easy Checkout

Confusing checkout pages always test the patience of the customers before they abandon their cart. Your eCommerce website should have an easy and quick checkout process. The checkout process should be over in 1 or 2 pages with very minimal information required from the customer. Mandatory signup for purchase can cost you a lot of potential customers. You may add a progress bar that indicates the customer’s position in the transaction process. 

Retarget Customers

Retargeting enables you to follow the customer and advertise the products of their interest according to their behavior on your website. This is a great technique as they are always kept aware of the products along with a link that takes them directly to the product purchase page. A reliable digital marketing agency in Dubai can help you with the right strategies to retarget your potential customers.

Leverage Social Media

Social media is a powerful space where you can encourage people for purchases very easily. You may use the Facebook Store and Instagram posts to promote products so that the customers can purchase them without visiting your website. Social media purchases are going to be an important part of the eCommerce business in the future.

As we have discussed, effective digital marketing strategies are always necessary to generate more traffic to your eCommerce website and encourage your potential customers for more purchases. Make sure you use these digital advantages to the maximum and experience the growth of your business.

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