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There is a reason- we always crave more when it comes to shoes and footwear. Hoarding is the right word to define our shoe spree. There can be numerous shoes in your rack, and still, you can't settle on just one. You will always need a different one for the office, another for parties, for home, and of course for casual hangouts. And there can be a long list of events where you will want a new pair. 


People with endless love for shoes look for an option with discount shoes. Often, when we go for budget options, we have the online rescue. But there is a flip side as well. There can be issues regarding the correct measurements and shoe sizes. So here we need a lot of caution! This is one of the best ways to satisfy the need and stay within budget. 


Buying shoes online is a tricky play, but you will never go wrong with measurements and shoe size if you have these tips handy. 


And we find them the best for various reasons. It is advisable to stick to pre-owned brands while shopping online. This is because we know the correct measurements! * Choose the safer brands: few brands are tried and tested. 

Few brand Loyals rely on a specific brand for comfort and quality. However, it's a good idea to try out new brands and designs only if you experiment with them after offline shopping. This way, you will be able to know about the specifications in a better way! 


 Check the size chart: Determining the exact size is one of the most important components of buying discount shoes online. As a result, you must measure your foot for every online purchase and follow the size instructions.  

You will find a standard size in centimetres & inches. Then you might easily relate it to the UK, US, or the EU number.  

Because most of you rely on the standard sizes of your local region, there are high chances of making the error of understanding. As a result, it is critical to grasp the brand's size algorithm before making a purchase. A size chart comparison should ideally be available on web platforms. 



 Size comparison while putting on socks: very few of us consider this criterion, but it is one of the most critical aspects. Buying shoes without considering the measurements after wearing socks is a big mistake.  

Wearing socks during measurements will increase the size by almost half an inch and give you a perfect size. 

Similarly, while putting on winter boots, make sure you're wearing thick socks that you'd wear during the season. Socks may have a significant impact on size. 


 Foot measurement: Before buying online discount shoes, it's critical to have the correct size. Few of us know that one foot is bigger than the other. So, it's best to measure the larger foot first. You will not want to be trapped with a pair of uncomfortable, ill-fitting shoes that might be lying idle in your cupboard. 


Inconsistent sizing within the same brand: Most brands do not use average body measurements to size their products. You might fit into a size Small of one brand while it might be challenging to get into medium size of another brand. This is more challenging during an online purchase because you will have to go through the exchange and return process 


Size discrepancy between the chart and the actual product: The size charts for each discount shoe provided online might not correspond to the "true" product size. To put it another way, many items have erroneous sizing charts since no comprehensive vigilance is performed at the online shops. 

They're generally the brand's standard reference charts, and because there are thousands of products for a single brand, you'll notice differences in sizes and fits even between the products from the same brand. 

In a nutshell, you need to follow a simple process: 

Take your foot measurement in centimetres or inches, refer to the size guide, and make an informed decision. If you encounter a new brand, look for offline stores first. Try and test, and then make your buying decision.  


A well-fitted shoe looks more appealing than a loose shoe or too suffocating one. This is because shoes have the power to make or break your overall appeal. So, before buying discount shoes, look for the relatable size and quality! 

Happy shopping. 



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