Wooden ceiling and door painting job made easy: life-saving tips


A painting job can become messier than expected. Sometimes, it may not even go according to plan. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you, whether you are maling køkkenlåger or painting wooden ceilings. Using these steps will make your life very easy and comfortable and let you finish the work quickly.

Prepare properly

When maling af træloft, place covers on anything that needs to be protected before the painting starts. Cover the furniture and the floor to prevent paint splatters from getting on coated surfaces and fabrics. In case of doors, detach the door from the frame and take it to the garage or any place where paint splatters would not matter.

Clean the site

Whether it is the kitchen door or the wooden ceiling, proper cleaning is very important. Remove all the cobwebs from the top and grease, dirt, and dust from the kitchen doors. Make sure to focus on the corners and remove anything that may get caught up in your paintbrush later.


Sanding a kitchen door is easy, but a wooden ceiling will not be so. You will have to work upside down, so working at a good angle becomes very difficult. It would be easier to lie down on a platform and get a good purchase on the sander. You will also need a safety glass and dust mask before you start to sand the ceiling.


Priming is crucial, whether it is the door or the ceiling. You can use rollers to apply the primer paint. Apply the primer coat in an even manner and reduce the chances of splashing by slowly moving the roller. Do not overload the roller. When painting the ceiling, use a cross-grain method so that any finer grain areas will get an even coating of the paint. Follow the direction of the grain for even distribution.

Take a look

Step away and look at the ceiling and the kitchen door from a different perspective. For the ceiling, go to all the corners of the room and check the ceiling. If the primer color contrasts the wood color, you will be able to spot the areas. In case the primer is brown, you will have to look for a difference in shade.


Once the primer is completely dry, start painting the ceiling. Be careful not to overload the roller. Follow the grain direction to paint. Once the first coat is finished, allow the paint to dry completely. Move away and have a look from a distance. You will notice the areas where the color has not been covered well. Apply a second coat to those areas if needed.

Painting a kitchen door and a wooden ceiling is not that hard if you follow all the aforementioned tips. Focus on the prep, cleanliness, angle of work, priming, and perspective to get a good finish of the painting work.

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