What are the three distinctive courses that are taught by ICRI as part of their online program?

Many independent reports suggest that the Indian logistics industry is estimated to generate $110 billion in the next few years. Further, experts say that the industry has a requirement of about 420,000 skilled manpower by next year in order to achieve the same. One of the sectors in the logistics industry currently employs north of 16.74 million employees and it is generally known that it will employ more than 28.4 million employees by next year. And India is set to witness an inflow of investments from various sources that will amount to close to 50,000 crores. This is one of the reasons why ICRI teaches so many different kinds of courses as part of their online program.

ICRI offers many kinds of online learning courses that students can pick up. The institution offers PG, Masters, Bachelors and MBA degrees and diplomas. It specialises in courses such as aviation management, healthcare, and logistics (and supply chain management). With the intention of providing professional development, the courses offer operational and functional industry knowledge. These courses help in preparing students in their analytical skills through various types of online and offline projects. Courses such as healthcare management require mentoring, and aviation management offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to sit down with industry leaders. The aviation management course also helps students in developing their skills in regards with applications and software that are used as an industry standard.

So, what are some of these courses?

3 Years BBA Program in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

· Each lecture during the course of the entire program is delivered by professionals with decades of experience in the logistics and supply chain management industry.

· The structure has been created in a manner that it will eventually give a huge headstart to those that study it.

· The entire program covers all the basics of the industry and then some more! Students will learn supply chain management as a logistical tool by learning aspects such as buying, inventory management and control, supplier acquisition and development, customer service tools, logistics, and distribution channels. The entire program includes different methods by which these topics are taught.

What is structure of the logistics online program of ICRI?

During the course of the logistics courses, students will get to learn core concepts such as why logistics industry is an essential component of the world economy, the basics of business communications, marketing, finance, economics, operational management, customer relationship management and more. All this will be taught by first touching upon the following subjects under the logistics and supply chain management:

· Principles of logistics management

· Fundamentals of marketing

· IT applications

· Business laws

· Warehousing

· The economics of transportation

· Operation management

· Business statistics

· Integrated supply chain

· Material management

· Distribution management

Healthcare Management

· The PhD programme offered by ICRI in healthcare management has an important component in one semester called Research methodology. This is generally held regularly at the ICRI campus. Students that study this course are equipped with knowledge and skills to identify a guide/mentor and work with them to develop a general synopsis of their research specialisation that can become the topic of their thesis if it is accepted by the research committee.

· ICRI provides PhD in Hospital Management through a meticulously constructed distance learning course that functions in the format of online courses that teach hospital administration, offer part time courses in hospital management and long-distance correspondence courses in hospital management.

· Many of the modules within the healthcare management courses cover the foundations of the healthcare industry. These include: Operations & Administration/ Planning and development / Marketing and public affairs / Government relations / Material management / Purchasing / Health Information / Human resources / Quality Analysts in Research Centers.

Aviation Management

An aviation certificate programs online by ICRI is one of those essential programs that one must go through to enter the aviation industry in India and abroad. This incorporates the business side and common aviation management related skills. A degree in aviation industry from ICRI shows both the wide and specific administration abilities in respect with aviation management that you will require to help your career escalate to another level.

The recognition you receive by doing the aviation management course from ICRI includes and offers a wide range of skills for you. The course will assist you with setting up an expansive and top to bottom understanding of the various verticals and the business ventures within the industry too. Endless supply of the aviation management recognition – as a graduate from ICRI, you will have specialized information and the abilities to prevail in the aviation industry. You can even turn into a flight supervisor through this or become an executive in the aviation management vertical.

In fact, the course also helps students in building their personality, learning a foreign language for easy communication in the future, london ontario first aid training in case of in-flight jobs, and computer software training if the applicant ultimately wishes to work as an airport authority figure. The curriculum has been designed in such a way that it caters to all the needs of an ever-changing reality within the aviation industry. Students can also learn travel and tourism industry functions, the basics of business communication and economics of aviation operations. 

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