Tips to buy boys Pakistani clothes online

Does your kid feel left out on Eid and other festivities since it’s awfully hard to find him the Pakistani ethnic clothes in the UK? Then you are at the right spot. Studio by TCS has been offering a completely versatile and high quality range of boys Pakistani clothes for everyday wear as well as special clothes for events and festivities wear.  You can get the clothes delivered right at our doorstep across the UK from Studio by TCS.

However, since most people who live abrod are unaware of making the right size choices and fabric choices for Pakistan clothes, here are a few tips you can use to choose the right boys Pakistani clothes and making use that your kid feels right at home during the festivities as well as in daily life.

1.    Choose the right fabric

For people living abroad especially in the UK, the fabric matters a lot. Your boy should feel comfortable in the clothes that you have chosen for him. Make sure that you choose the cotton fabric for him in the summers and springs since the fabric is more airy and offers more room to wear comfortably.

For winters, go for khaddar or any other fabric which is a bit warm. You can choose the fabric and sizes in the boys clothing on Studio by TCS.

2.    Choose the size right

If you are a mom who has never bought Pakistani clothes for her boys, an automatic size selection based on age would work which is given on Studio by TCS. However, it is recommended that you undergo the size chart and compare all measurements with your boy. If you get the size right, you are doing the most important thing right.

3.    Look for the age group in choosing the clothes online

Since size of the clothing matter the most, the best way to choose the size is by choosing it on the basis of the age group. Always make sure that you opt in the size range one year above your child to make sure that the fittings come with a bit of margin to grow.

4.    Customized ethnic wear

You can avail the customized ethnic wear such as kameez shalwar as well as the waistcoats for the boys of all ages. Ethnic wear with embroidery and age based stitching is offered by Studio by TCS across the UK. Make sure that you choose ethnic wear such as kurta shalwar sets and waistcoats in colors which suit your kid’s choice. 

5.    The color combinations

As a child, one always wants to opt for the bright or shiny colors. So keeping this in mind, Studio by TCS has been offering shalwar and kurta in white and bright contrasting colors. Bright colors like yellow, purple, camel, blue, lavender, pale pink, mint green, and turquoise are paired with white trousers and shalwar.

Make sure that you keep these things in consideration while buying anything online from Studio by TCS.

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