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Do you love shopping online? Are you worried whether your order will reach you or not? If you face all such concerns on regular basis, then you should try Kameymall. Kameymall is an eCommerce platform that ships and caters to the needs of international clients.

Moreover, Kameymall covers more than 200 countries for years. So, you can put your trust in the brand and quench your desires and needs in the least possible time. With that said, let's have a glimpse at some of the top-selling products at Kameymall. read on.

Best-Selling Products at Kameymall

Zorb Ball

Zorbing is a sport or amusement that involves rolling downhill inside a translucent plastic ball. Zorbing is usually done on a mild slope, although it can also be done on a flat surface, which allows for better rider control.

At Kameymall, it is available in varying sizes. The non-return valve is located on one of the panels of the Zorb ball and is used to inflate the Zorb. Depending on the size of the Zorb ball and the power of the blower employed, inflation takes a short time. Simply screw in the valve after the required pressure for your model zorb has been obtained.

How to operate it: The operator can release the Zorb for its intended purpose, whether it's downhill or on flat land, after the Zorb ball is inflated and the user is safely within. When using the Zorb ball for traditional zorbing (downhill), simply push it down the course/route. 

Fill Aqua Zorbs with as much or as little water as the user requires, and make sure the bung/plug is in place. The bung is for the user's safety, as it prevents them from exiting the Zorb forcibly, and it also keeps the water within for optimum effect of the activity and experience.

Storing Kameymall zorb ball: Before storing zorb balls, like any other inflatable, must be completely deflated and dried. Roll up the inflatable as tightly as possible if it permits it. To ensure the safety of the goods, it is best to store them in the carrier provided and off the ground level. Never keep anything outside or in damp or rainy conditions.

Air Track Mat

Gymnastics, cheerleaders, and parkour officials use air tracks as landing platforms or tumbling beds. Commercial-grade air tracks, such as the ones we sell at Kameymall, provide the same safe and stable landing as a professional spring floor in a portable, lightweight package that's quick and easy to put up in shared venues and homes.

Kameymall air  track mats have numerous benefits. Take a glance at some of them to know how to use this product. Air tracks are lightweight and portable, allowing them to be moved around and utilized at home or in the gym as needed.

Air tracks provide a soft landing surface that reduces the risk of injury. Air tracks include a lot of bounce-back, which might help you gain height. Gymnasts can practice maneuvers on air tracks over and over to acquire confidence and learn new skills.

Furthermore, the tracks are manufactured of high-grade PVC, which provides a comfortable, non-slip, long-lasting, and easy-to-clean surface. The Air Track's body is made of 0.2mm drop stitch double-wall fabric (DWF) with a brushed finish. The DWF surface is made up of two layers of coated cloth that are joined by thousands of tiny threads.

The size of this air track mat ranges from 12ft * 6ft* 4IN to 33ft * 6ft * 4IN. Moreover, you even get the option to choose a pack that comes with no pump. Or, you can choose between 800W and 1200W air pumps for the air track you have chosen.

The material used for this product is DWF that comes with a repair kit. As mentioned above,  you need to choose the air pump that you wish. For that, you need to order it separately. Furthermore, we ship the order in 2 to 4 working days and the order will reach you in 10 to 12 working days.

Moreover, the air track mat comes with a 2-year warranty. It is also certified with CE/UL/SGS certificates.

Wrap Up

To conclude, kameymall offers you the best deals. Moreover, we provide 24/7 customer service. Moreover, you get a tracking ID to keep your order in check and know how much more time will it take to reach you.

Further, you can even shop from your mobile since our website is mobile-friendly. The best thing about us is that your payment is secure. Hence, you get the best deals without any hassle. We hope you get what you came for and assure you the best after-sale services. Your satisfaction is our priority and that is what we strive for. Happy shopping!

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