How to Unlock Disabled iPhone

An iPhone can get disabled when the wrong passcode is inputted six consecutive times. It can be frustrating when a child or stranger gets your iPhone disabled by putting in the wrong code several times. But you may also be the culprit when you forget the right passcode for your device. The question then is, how to unlock a disabled iPhone?

It is the norm to hear, iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes. This is because the usual iPhone recovery method is with the use of iTunes. I have brought you a way to unlock your disabled iPhone without iTunes. Is your iPhone disabled? Don’t worry, read this article for the solution.

iPhone Screen Lock and Getting Disabled

Security is one of the key features of the Apple iPhones. There is a high degree of attention committed to keeping users' data safe and screen lock is one means for that. The iPhone screen lock restricts access to the phone by a stranger. This is why there is so much sensitivity attached to the passcode. Inputting a wrong passcode more than six times will make the device disabled.

Apple is always emerging in its IOS designs and upgrade. The new IOS 15 and iPhone 13 are up in the market already meaning some new features have been added. This new operating system version was publicly released on the 20th of September and the latest upgrade IOS 15.2 was also released on the 27th of October.

Despite the amazing new features, the device will still get disabled when the wrong passcode is inputted at least 6 times. How then can the disabled iPhone be fixed?

Ways to Unlock a Disabled iPhone

Once the iPhone has been disabled, the correct passcode cannot be used to unlock it again. It has to be unlocked by a sort of bypass. Several methods can be used to unlock a disabled iPhone. Here are three common methods:

Unlocking with iTunes

The most common means of unlocking a disabled iPhone is to use iTunes. The first step is to launch iTunes on a desktop and connect the disabled iPhone to it. Once the phone is detected, you can click on the phone icon on the screen. The “Restore iPhone” option is clicked to get the phone data erased and back to the default setting.

This option will only work if the “Find my Phone” settings have been disabled. If the “Find my Phone” option is enabled, the “Restore iPhone” command will not work. It offers a fast and easy method but it requires the “Find my Phone” setting disabled. With this method, the phone will always be stuck on the activation lock screen at every reboot.

Unlocking with iCloud

Another option of how to fix a disabled iPhone is to use iCloud. This does not require the use of a desktop, rather another mobile phone is used to access iCloud. The device is used to open and the disabled iPhone Apple ID and password are inserted. The “Find my Phone” command is then selected and all the devices connected to that account are displayed.

Select the disabled device and click the Erase data command. This will erase all the data and restore the phone to default. The important thing to note is that this method will only work when the “Find my Phone option is enabled.

Unlocking without iTunes and iCloud

There is another option to fix a disabled iPhone without iTunes or even iCloud. Do you want to ask me, how to unlock a disabled iPhone without iTunes? The answer is with the use of Wondershare Dr.Fone. This is a device that will not only fix a disabled iPhone, it will also ensure you are never stuck on the activation lock even when you reboot.

Unlocking with Dr.Fone- Screen Unlock

The best answer for how to unlock a disabled iPhone without iTunes is Dr.Fone. Wondershare Dr.Fone is a complete Toolkit for managing both IOS and Android devices. It is a desktop application that can be used for unlocking mobile phones, backup and restoring data, and transferring phone data among others.

How to fix disabled iPhone with Dr.Fone

iPhone disabled? Dr.Fone has got your back. It takes 4 simple steps to use this tool in unlocking a disabled iPhone. Here are the steps:

1.      Download, install and launch the Dr.Fone software on your desktop. Then select the “Screen Unlock” command.

  Connect the iPhone to the desktop with a lightning cable and wait for the software to discover it. Once this happens, click the “Unlock IOS Screen” and then follow the instruction to activate the DFU mode.

3.      Then input the necessary info for your iPhone model to allow the download of the latest firmware version of your iPhone.

4.      Once the download is complete, click the “unlock now” option. This will unlock the device by erasing all data. When it is done, the phone will be fully unlocked.

These are the four steps to unlock an iPhone disabled without using iTunes.

In Conclusion

There are diverse ways to unlock a disabled iPhone and each has its edge. The use of iTunes is the usual method but it is limited to devices that have the “Find my Phone” function disabled. The best way to solve the disabled iPhone problem is to use the Dr.Fone – screen unlock. It does not only unlock the screen it solves other issues like iPhone being stuck in the recovery loop. It is also a complete toolkit that can be used for data backup, storage, and transfer. It is safe and free to try the Dr.Fone software out. I don’t think anything should be stopping you now.


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