How Can You Recover From Oral Surgery?

Now that you have crossed the painful and worrisome stage of oral surgery, recovering from it will go smoothly if you follow what is being told to you by your dentist. You have made it through your oral surgery in The Woodlands, now is the time to undergo quick recovery. 

Removal of wisdom teeth for dental implants needs more care so that the recovery can happen smoothly. Skipping any of the tips or aftercare instructions by your dentist can risk infection. Let us help you with some basics that are to be followed after dental implants. If you follow these, you don’t have to worry about post care and healing.

  1. Relax and be patient:

Patience is the most you need during the recovery phase. Dental implants are like a foreign body in your mouth. Thus, it takes some time to settle. It may give some discomfort or uneasiness post-surgery but you will need to have some patience to get adjusted. 

  1. Follow the instructions as advised:

The surgeon will give you some instructions to follow too. He/she may ask you to avoid brushing on that side and avoid using mouthwash too for some time. It is because your gums and teeth will be sensitive and tender on the implanted area.

  1. Use the ice therapy:

In some cases, dental implants cause some bruises during the surgery. It is normal and may settle in a day or two. You will be advised to apply an ice pack to your jaw for at least 30 minutes and repeat after a break of 15 minutes again. The swelling and pain will settle with the ice therapy.

  1. Take care of what you eat:

Eat and chew soft foods for some time. Foods like yogurt, curd, oatmeal, rice, pulses, plain or clear soup, are good options during the healing post-surgery. Avoid anything that is sticky, spicy, or hard to chew.

  1. Take the pain killers timely:

Managing the pain in the first few hours is difficult and thus your surgeon will advise you to take the painkillers on time. Don’t neglect it or be irresponsible. It is important that your pain settles in 48 hours or there are chances of infection.

Report any difficulties you may have to your dental surgeon. The reputed centres also call you to check on your health and state of pain. Dental implants can easily settle by following what is essential post-surgery.

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