Experiencing Shoulder Injuries? Here is All You Need to Know

You rely extensively on our shoulders to execute various activities, like throwing a ball, paddling a canoe, lifting boxes, and driving a lawnmower. The shoulder has the broadest range of motion of any joint in the body, making it the most mobile joint in your body. However, because of its flexibility, it is not exceptionally stable and is susceptible to injury. Sometimes you might not realize how vital your shoulders are until you get an injury and cannot reach out to get something; you need someone to help you out.

In La Jolla, CA orthopedic shoulder & elbow surgeons provide expert treatment and compassionate care for a wide range of injuries and conditions of the shoulder. If you are experiencing any shoulder injury, contact Upper Extremity Specialists to seek treatment and quality care.

What are the Common Shoulder Injuries?

The most movable joints in your body are your shoulders. The shoulder's anatomical components are all closely intertwined. So much so that injuries to the shoulder seldom damage just one part of the joint. A single shoulder injury can affect multiple muscles, ligaments, cartilage areas, tendons, and bones. These injuries are most likely to occur in those who rely on their shoulders the most. Some of the common shoulder injuries include:

·  Bursitis

·  Arthritis

·  Instability

·  Fractures

·  Rotator cuff tears

·  Tendonitis

·  Impingement syndrome

What are the Causes of Shoulder Injuries?

Shoulder injuries are exceedingly common among athletes, especially those who compete in basketball, swimming, football, and tennis. They experience these injuries as a result of repetitive workouts and intense competition that high-performing athletes go through. Professionals who frequently use their shoulders are also prone to these injuries. Such include those involved in yard care, construction, and painting. Injuries could also occur during daily activities such as hanging curtains, washing walls, and gardening.

Signs and Symptoms of Shoulder Injuries

There are various signs and symptoms associated with shoulder injuries. They include:

·  Shoulder pain

·  Inability to rotate or raise your arm

·  Stiffness

·  Shoulder weakness

·  Your shoulder feels loose

·  Your shoulder appearing deformed

·  Tingling sensations

·  Swelling and bruising

What are the Risk Factors of Shoulder Injuries?

In most cases, shoulder injuries are caused by overuse. Some of the common scenarios where they occur include:

·  Working in a situation where repetitive motion is required

·  Participating in sports where throwing or repetitive overhead motion is required, including football, climbing, sailing, swimming, and gymnastics

·  Participating in home activities like painting

Are there Prevention Measures to Shoulder Injuries?

Shoulder injuries are accidental, but there are some ways in which you can avoid them. These prevention measures are:

· Avoid over-training

·  Always warm-up before activity and stretch afterward

·  Do not try to play through an injury; when you feel any pain rest

·  Always maintain a healthy weight through diet and exercise

·  Use proper ergonomics when undertaking repetitive tasks

·  During your strength training, include accessory muscles that protect your joints

·  Be cautious when engaging in high-risk sports

Shoulder Injuries Treatment

It is possible to treat shoulder injuries through the following nonoperative and surgical measures:

·  Shoulder exercises as prescribed by an orthopedic surgeon

·  Anti-inflammatory medication

·  Partial and complete shoulder replacement

·  Bone-preserving shoulder arthroplasty

·  Compression and immobilization

·  Reparative orthopedics

·  Shoulder instability procedures.

Talk to a Specialist Today

Did you know that many people suffer shoulder injuries through their involvement with sports, athletes, and swimming activities? Upper Extremity Specialists exist to provide a wide range of treatments that help manage your condition. Contact them today to discuss your symptoms with an orthopedic shoulder surgeon.

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