Everything That You Have to Know About The Fracture Care Treatment In Las Vegas


All fractures are never the same, and the same goes with their treatment. A broken bone will need a simple treatment, but problems like shattered legs, compressed vertebrae are the worst ones to deal with. So, all you need to know is that caring for a fracture will sometimes need more than this splint or the cast.

A broken bone will always take a lot of time for healing. So, you need extra care and effort throughout the entire process of recovery. Orthopedic specialists like the Battle Born Bone & Joint Center can give you the best of treatment. If you have some injury and suffer from problems like broken bones, you should try this clinic, one of the best for fracture care in Las Vegas.


Fractures occur when your bone cracks or breaks due to extensive external pressure. Broken bones cause a lot of pain and an inability to move that part of the body. The significant causes of fracture include accidents, falls, sports injuries, osteoporosis, and sometimes even cancer (where the bone becomes brittle). 

Signs and Symptoms:

The most common symptoms include:

  • Pain, swelling, and bruising where the injury occurred.
  • Deformity or a bone sticking out in an unusual manner
  • Inability to move or use that fractured part.

About Fracture care:

Once the examination is done, and a fracture is confirmed, the treatment needs to undertake immediately. The broken bone is set or is made immovable with the help of taping. Taping is done by using a splint or a cast made of Plaster of Paris or fiberglass. Many of them are also made to use a brace or a functional cast (which allows limited movement). 

In fracture cases, this method of aligning the bone into a position and making it immovable is because, in this way, the bones will heal themselves together. This process is called the reduction process. However, in some cases, the reduction process doesn’t get completed by just using a cast. It mainly happens when the injury is very severe, and only surgery and other techniques can work well to immobilize the bones. 

The two methods that work in such cases are:

  1. Traction: In this, the bones are gently pulled to align in the correct position by using weights or pulleys

  2. External fixture: The insertion of pins or screws is done above and below the fracture area. The pins are attached to an outer metal stabilizing frame.

To conclude, healing will all depend on the type of injury. Thus patience and proper treatment are required at an early stage itself. 

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