Diablo 2: Resurrected Leveling Guide - How To Hit 99 Level Fast?


In Diablo 2: Resurrected you can really accelerate in the ladder seasons. Because there your biggest goal is to reach the highest level. To get to level 99, you either have to show a lot of patience or know exactly where to level. Therefore, here we show you the quickest way to reach the max level and farm unique Diablo 2 Resurrected items.

Where To Level The Fastest in Diablo 2 Resurrected?

How fast you can bring your level up depends on your current level. Each area is tied to a certain percentage of experience points, depending on your experience, and you can only collect all of the XP with a certain number of levels.

If you are in an area for which your level is too high or too low, you will not receive the full amount of XP. In the following table we show you when and where you can collect the full XP:

1-15 Level: Act 1 - Travel across the Field of Stones to Tristam and fight the Champion Packs (Blue Names) and Bosses (Golden Names).

15-24 Level: Act 2 - Farm all the graves in the Mage's Canyon. Duriel is optional.

24 Initiation Rite Fight the ancestors on the summit of Arreat.

25-40 Level: Fight against Diablo and Baal - Repeat the fight until you have reached level 40.

40 Rite of Initiation Repeats the battle on Nightmare Difficulty.

41-60 Level: Fight against Diablo and Baal - Repeats the fight several times on Nightmare Difficulty.

60 Level: Rite of Initiation - Repeats the fight on Hell Difficulty.

61-99 Level: Fight against Diablo and Baal - Repeats the fight several times on Hell difficulty.

This table is of course only a guideline. You will soon notice that the game is often much more tricky. Especially if you are playing "hell" at the most difficult level. If you find it difficult when changing to the next level phase, you can also overlevel yourself to have it easier later.


Diablo 2 Resurrected: Fast Leveling in Multiplayer

The more the better is the motto in the multiplayer mode of Diablo 2 Resurrected. You can play online with up to eight people. Even if that sounds like a lot of people, playing together definitely pays off. Because the more players you are in a group, the more experience points you can earn.

The only downer is that, of course, the opponents' health and damage increase accordingly at the same time. But for a full group in which the players support each other, no fight should be too difficult.


Fast Leveling in Offline Single Play

Even if you prefer to be a single player, you can take advantage of the level system from the multiplayer mode. Unfortunately, this is only possible on the PC, as you have to cheat, so to speak. To do this, open the black input console with the Enter key and then type in / players X without quotation marks. The X stands for the number of fictional players, so instead of the X a number from one to eight is used.

Now you can enjoy the same experience bonus as the online multiplayer players. But be careful, don't overestimate your own strength. Because here, too, the opponents become considerably stronger and you are completely alone against them. We therefore recommend that you ignore the large and difficult opponents and instead defeat many small opponents. This way you can generate a lot of EP in the long term without dying pointlessly.

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