Benefits of Ordering From Online Head Shops


Maybe you've heard about this before, or maybe you haven't. Either way, there are some pretty good reasons why smoking weed out of glass is better than joints. But what's even better than that is ordering your pieces online from an online head shop with low prices! 

The following list will give the benefits of online head shops:

1.) You Can Choose the Size that Fits your Budget and Needs

Some people like to smoke by themselves, while others like to use multiple pieces at once. When buying bongs, it's important to be careful not to buy too big of a piece because if you don't like how it hits or you find yourself needing more space for weed, then it would've been a waste.


Inversely, buying too small of a piece could be equally as wasteful because you'll feel like you're trying to drain an ocean with a pinkie when in reality, all you need is just one more drop and that extra water in the chamber would've worked wonders. When it comes to online head shops, size doesn't matter. 

And even if one does fit your budget perfectly, they may not have much variety, so you might only get one single color for many different sizes, which wouldn't help you much unless you love what they have.


2.) You Can Find Pieces with the Exact Design and Color Scheme 

It is especially true for online head shops because since they're websites and not brick and mortar stores, they can have a larger variety of designs and colors. It is great for decorating themes or just adding on to your current piece (which some online head shops will do if you ask).


3.) You Can Get More Value for your Dollar


Online head shops tend to run deals on glass more regularly than most real-world head shops. Sometimes these deals are advertised on their website; sometimes, it's through social media, sometimes both.


Either way, most items are always on special sale, which means smoking pieces are never overpriced but rather discounted and who doesn't love discounts? Another reason why you may prefer ordering from online head shops is because their pieces are often made of high-quality glass, which means you don't need to treat them as carefully as you would if they were cheap and made of low-quality glass.


4.) You Can Find Pieces that other Head Shops Discontinued


One thing about real-world head shops is that not all of them care about your satisfaction to the same degree. Sometimes you may find a color scheme or design that you love, but once you get home, you'll feel disappointed for some reason after using it.


Perhaps the bowl was too small; it just didn't have enough filtration or percolation, maybe the ice catcher/diffuser doesn't work well with only one single stem hole, etc. Luckily online head shops can fix these issues simply because they're online.


They can see pictures of the products and read reviews about them left by previous buyers, which allows them to stock items that people like and make changes if necessary.


5.) You Can Find Exquisite Pieces


Often, indie artists create beautiful works of art that become popular among smokers (especially tobacco pipe smokers). However, many head shops aren't set up with the proper equipment or know-how to do something special with these kinds of glassblowers other than displaying them for show. 

It doesn't mean the glass artist is out of luck; it just means that these glassblowers need to find someone who can be competitive and create something special with their art.


Many online head shops come into play because they have the proper equipment and staff to do something different. But they also have infinite resources at their disposal, which means that you too will get a chance to enjoy this amazing work of art!


6.) You Can See Glorious Photos of Your Items Before Buying Them


Since most real-world head shops don't give any indication as to what your piece will look like when delivered, there's always a small chance that you'll receive an item you weren't expecting. 

Maybe the scheme was off; perhaps the color was different; maybe the piece isn't even glass but rather metal or plastic with a glass bowl. But online head shops are known to take high-quality photos of their pieces, which allows you to see the design in its entirety and spot any damage due to mishandling easily.


Most real-world stores don't have the budget or space to stock their shelves with tons of one-of-a-kind pieces, so they usually repeatedly end up stocking the same old boring stuff.

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