5 Best Places To Sell Used College Textbooks

Textbooks, though expensive, are valuable, at least as long as you’re still a college student. It’s more likely that you won’t need them when you complete the semester. So why not sell your textbooks online and get a reasonable portion of your money back? 

However, you need to do it right, or you might end up with no meaningful extra cash. For example, it's better to sell your textbooks to buyback sites that offer free shipping. That can help you reduce the cost of shopping, hence, increasing your money. 

This guide will show you the best places to sell used college books that offer free shipping. 

Let’s begin. 

Top 5 Places To Sell Used College Textbooks

  1. BookDeal.com 

If you’re searching for the best and reliable place to sell your textbooks with no hassle, higher offers, and free shipping, we recommend BookDeal.com. The platform makes the selling process easy for students to sell their textbooks in minutes. 

All that you need to do is visit BookDeal.com, type in your book's ISBN, and choose your preferred quote. From there, you can ship your textbooks for free. Just make sure to use BookDeal's prepaid shipping label. 

BookDeal.com has a vast network of buyback vendors that offers the highest prices for your books. So you always get the best deals effortlessly and reliably.

When BookDeal receives your package, you get paid through PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle. In addition, the company protects you with the "Upload Book Photos" feature. That way, you can upload the textbook's photos during the selling process to serve as evidence. 

Besides that, BookDeal.com also guarantees that you get paid. They have a reliable system that ensures that you receive your money,  thus, increasing the comfortability of selling on the platform. 

  1. SellBackYourBook

If you’re searching for a place to sell your textbooks to get extra cash or declutter your home, consider SellBackYourBook. This buyback site sells used books, from children’s books to novels, and of course, old textbooks and teaching volumes. 

SellBackYourBook always updates its prices, ensuring that you always get the best price online. Besides that, you also get to ship your textbooks for free. 

To sell your textbooks, type in your ISBN and choose your preferred quote. Then, print the prepaid label, fix it on your package, and ship your used books. You get your payment when the company receives your package. 

  1. TextbookRush 

You can sell your college books on TextbookRush. However, you can also sell games and movies for extra cash. In addition, this site gives you a free shipping label to ship your textbooks. Type in your book's ISBN to sell your books, choose your preferred quote, and send your books for free. 

When the company receives your textbooks, you get paid through a check, PayPal, or store credit. Selling on TextbookRush is convenient and straightforward, especially if you're still in school and want to buy other college textbooks. 

Furthermore, you earn a little extra due to the store credit, and it can be beneficial if you're tight on budget. However, remember that you get free shipping via FedEx, and you get paid after 14 days. 

  1. ValoreBooks 

ValoreBooks has extensive buyback vendors, so you always get reasonable price offers. In addition, ValorBooks’ selling process is simple; you can do it within a few minutes. After providing your textbook’s ISBN, you have 14 days to accept the quote and ship your used college books. 

When ValoreBooks receives your package and approves them, you get paid through check or PayPal. But remember that the check takes about two weeks to arrive; PayPal takes two to seven days. 

  1. BooksRun

BooksRun also allows you to sell your textbooks on the platform and ship them for free. Besides that, they also have an Apple and Android app to scan your textbook's barcode so that you won't have to type in your book's ISBN. 

When you scan the barcode, you'll be presented with multiple offers to choose from. After you choose, you can ship your books for free. When BooksRun receives the package, you get your payment within four days through PayPal or check.

If you don’t prefer the app, you can always visit the site, type in the textbook’s ISBN, author, or title, and select your preferred quote.


We've shown and explained the best places to sell your college textbooks with free shipping throughout this guide. The rest is up to you to choose the ones that work for you, especially if you plan to make it a side business. 

So go through them and make your decision. Regardless, we are sure you’ll get the best deals on any of the sites listed. 

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