10 Most Important Traffic Laws In Australia

Here at Smith Law, we are a firm believer in the fact that the best way to avoid getting in trouble with the law is understanding what the laws are first. A lot of people commonly make the mistake of breaking traffic laws and you might be one of them, unknowing violators.


Before you head out, here’s a look at the 10 most common traffic laws in Australia.


  1. Headlights Off At Night

If you’re commonly driving at night, then you need to begin understanding just how dangerous it can be to move without your headlights on. You are not just putting yourself in danger, you are also putting those on the road in danger too.


It’s fairly common for motorists to ignore this rule but you shouldn’t. You can get fined for breaking this simple law.


  1. Discarding Cigarettes On The Road

Australia has strict laws when it comes to littering. One common law that people break is discarding their cigarettes on the road. If a law enforcement officer sees, you’ll get a ticket in a fine. It doesn’t take much to dispose of your litter properly so be responsible and respectful on the road.


  1. DUI

This is a law that’s very common worldwide. Driving under the influence means driving while affected by alcohol or illicit drugs. Governments are very strict on this law as countless deaths happen because of reckless drunk drivers.


If you don’t feel like you aren’t in the right state to drive, call a friend or take a cab home. Police will stop you once you are suspected of a DUI. The standard procedure for drunk drivers is a breathalyzer test which checks whether your alcohol levels are too high.


Man driving with the person in passenger’s seat.

  1. Overspeeding

Obviously, you wouldn’t want to overspeed as it can result in a serious accident. The speed limit depends on where you are driving. The national highway limit is at 100km/h. On the other hand, you can go up to 130km/h on highways in the Northern Territory. If you are in some freeways or in other states, you can go up to 110km/h.


  1. Leaving The Car Running Unattended

During the summer, it can be quite tempting to leave your car running so that it doesn’t get too hot inside when you get back. This is a simple law so make sure not to break it. If you are going to leave your car running, make sure that you are only a few meters away.


The law hopes to protect car owners from potential thefts. Of course, it’s also a good idea to lessen the impact on the environment too.


  1. Driving Without License

As a general rule of thumb, ALWAYS carry your license with you in your wallet. That way, you don’t have any excuse for leaving it behind. You can face serious fines for driving without a license. In some cases, your license to drive might even get suspended as well.


In repeat cases, your license will be taken away and you’ll have to reapply after a few months.


  1. Driving On The Right Side

In Australia, you’ll always have to drive on the left side of the road regardless of what city or area you are in. This law prevents accidents from happening and it also makes sure that roads are organized and free from traffic.


  1. Never Honk Your Horn For No Reason

The only time it is okay to honk your horn while driving is when you are warning other drivers or even pedestrians of possible danger. However, if you are going to honk your horn to signal to a friend or even to say goodbye, you are putting yourself at risk of getting fined.


Unless it’s really necessary, keep your hands off of your horn unless you want to be fined.


  1. Using Phone To Pay At Drive-Throughs

In general, using your smartphone while driving is a serious criminal offence already. That being said, it’s inexcusable to pay for your orders at drive-throughs using your phone. Make sure that you always have cash with you at all times when you are driving.


As for your phone,  as much as possible, invest in a phone holder so that you don’t have to hold it on your hand. Of course, it’s simply better to focus on the road at all times.


  1. Splashing At Pedestrians

After a strong rain, there could be some puddles scattered around the roads you are driving at. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, it is against the law to splash at pedestrians. When you are driving near puddles of water, make sure to drive as carefully as possible.


These are the most common driving laws in Australia. Breaking any of these laws will result in a serious fine on your end. As such, make sure to take note of these simple yet crucial laws at all times.


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