What To Do In Case Of A Car Accident

What To Do In Case Of A Car Accident

Facing a car accident can lead to a crisis that you may not imagine. Even minor accidents can also make you utterly confused, and you can commit illegal and costly mistakes. That is why it is important to know what you should do and act accordingly. Know that help is always available. 

For example, anytime you experience any car breakdown while going for a long drive, you can call a car breakdown assistance service available in Perth. Go through this blog to get an idea of what to do in case of a car accident.

To-do list after having a car accident

Know your legal obligations

Knowing your legal rights is the most important responsibility for a car driver. Whenever you meet an accident,

    • You must stop your car.

    • Then, you should provide your name, car registration number, address, and insurance details to other people involved in the accident.

    • Finally, you should report the accident to the local police if there is major damage to the property, if someone is injured, if the other driver is suspected to be influenced by alcohol or drugs, or if the driver has refused to share details and left.  

Move your car out of traffic

Immediately after the accident, switch off the car ignition, switch on the hazard lights, and move the car out of traffic as soon as possible.

Call an ambulance

If someone gets injured, you should not waste any more time and call an ambulance. Sometimes people say they're okay, but issues like concussion or whiplash may create severe problems in a later period. The risk of these problems is that they are internal damage and may not be evident immediately after the injury.

Be careful about the towing agencies

Towing agents may start circling your car after the accident takes place. Local people can get some commissions if they call a local company. Therefore, you should be very careful about these individuals and always go for the most reputed ones. For help, you can consult your insurance provider or a local police officer, if present on the site. 

Take necessary details of the other driver

Providing information about the other driver is necessary. If possible, you can cite their driving licence to make sure every information is correct. Providing the following details will prove to be beneficial.

    • Car make, model, registration, colour

    • Licence details including the driver's full name, residential address, licence number, date of birth, and information regarding the issuance of the licence in another state (if applicable)

    • The driver's phone number 

    • The driver's insurance details

You should note that most people do not always carry the policy number with them. So, if you don't get the number, at least try to get the insurer's name.

Ask any person to become an official witness

It is a general tendency of people to gather around the spot of the accident. If possible, ask any of them if they can become an official witness. If someone agrees, take their name, licence details and phone number.

Click some photographs of your car damage

Photographs serve as solid evidence in these cases. Take some pictures of any damage to your vehicle or injuries to people. If you think the other driver has violated traffic rules, try to take a photo of that incident as well. Remember that the more information you will have in your hand, the more beneficial it will be.

Call a mobile mechanic if the car sustains a few minor damages

For minimal damages to the vehicle, you can consider only repairing those, thus avoiding police intervention. You can call a mobile car mechanic in Perth who can come quickly and deliver the necessary mobile auto repair service.

When should you report the accident to the police?

As per rules in Western Australia, you should report the accident to the police if the accident has taken place on a road or a particular area heavily used by the public. In addition, reporting must be done in case of the three following conditions.

    • A person has been physically injured because of the accident.

    • The total amount of damaged property exceeds $3000.

    • The owner of the damaged property is not present at the spot.

In contrast, If your car breaks down on the road or minor car damages occur, it will be better to call a mobile mechanic instead of the police. Car breakdown assistance services are well active in Perth and can provide you with the best possible solution.

Where To Find A Mobile Mechanic?

The major benefit of hiring a mobile mechanic Perth is that they can come to any place you need and provide a top-quality service quickly. Many mobile mechanic service providers in Perth offer a range of services backed by nationwide warranties. However, you must make sure to get in touch with the most proficient ones. 


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