What Is the Purpose of Ambulance Cover?


In Australia, regionally administered universal health insurance known as Medicare is offered to all citizens. The federal government provides funding and support for things such as inpatient and outpatient care and prescription medications. Each state also contributes its own finding and oversees public hospitals and community health. The universal health care option, or Medicare, covers many services, from doctor visits to stays at a public hospital. Unfortunately, Medicare doesn't typically cover the cost of emergency ambulance transportation or other ambulance services. Depending on where you live, you might receive a discount or have ambulance services covered on a limited basis.

During an emergency, you may be in for a large out-of-pocket expense if you have to call for an ambulance ride. Many Australians don't realize that Medicare doesn't cover the cost of emergency ambulance services. If you live in Queensland or Tasmania, the state will typically pick up the bill for your ambulance ride. For everyone else, however, you could face a significant bill if you or a family member requires an emergency ambulance service. The average emergency ambulance charge can run over $1000, and you will have to pay that without ambulance coverage.

Without the proper coverage, many people in Australia would have to pay the full cost of ambulance transport each year. However, depending on the state or territory, many private health insurers include ambulance cover as part of their policies. Let's take a look at ambulance coverage and how it might benefit you.

Types of Ambulance Insurance

Most private health insurance companies offer ambulance coverage to help with certain expenses incurred when you require treatment and transportation by paramedics. Emergency transportation is often essential in urgent medical situations but isn't covered under the federal Medicare plan. Private insurance companies usually offer ambulance coverage as a separate cover as well as part of many comprehensive insurance plans.

There are two types of ambulance coverage offered by most insurance companies. Emergency cover and comprehensive cover both offer financial help with an ambulance bill. Specific coverages will vary by insurer. Some offer cover for all ambulance rides, while others only cover emergency services and medically necessary ambulance transport. Additionally, some ambulance policies set limits such as cover only in your state or territory.

It's important to be aware of any limitations or exclusions when looking for ambulance insurance coverage. You'll want to investigate whether your provider covers all types of emergency transport, or only road services, for example. Also, some policies don't cover "call-out" fees if an ambulance is dispatched but treats you at the scene and doesn't take you to the hospital. Make sure that you do your research to determine the best type of ambulance insurance for you and your family.

Benefits of Ambulance Insurance

If you don't subscribe to your state's ambulance membership scheme and you don't have coverage for emergency ambulance transportation, you'll likely have to pay the full cost of an ambulance ride. However, with ambulance coverage, the cost of ambulance services is covered and will result in very little out-of-pocket costs should you require services. No matter if you require emergency treatment or medical transport, an insurance plan can help you cover the costs. Additionally, in an extreme emergency, you may require a life flight that comes with a high cost. Your ambulance insurance can also help with these costs.

Recent reports indicate that around 3.7 million emergency incidents have resulted in 4.3 million ambulance service responses throughout Australia each year. From medical conditions to car accidents, many people rely on critical emergency medical care. There is no need to be caught off guard by the cost of an ambulance ride. With ambulance transport cover, you will be taken care of, and you won't have to worry about the cost of the ambulance trip for you or your family.

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