The Process of Untangling The Chainsaw Chain


The Process of Untangling The Chainsaw Chain

Axe, saw, wrench, nuts, chainsaw are some of the tools used in these modern days. These instruments are mostly used for repairing, renovating and building new things. Among all other devices, the chainsaw is of utmost significance needed for several purposes. A chainsaw is a mechanical tool with teeth set on-chain, and it works on the edge of the blade. The chainsaw is mainly used to chop firewood, cut branches off trees, cut logs, and sculpting purposes. A chainsaw is a tool that is of utmost importance, but on the other aspect, it also seeks frequent maintenance. And one must be pretty aware of the problems that occur. Generally, people feel irritated to solve those problems as they are not aware of the proper way to get rid of the problem and thus spend a huge amount of money and time on it. Moreover, Tool Pip would be a great place to visit in case you are planning to buy a new chainsaw.

Reasons for Problems occurring with a chainsaw:-

The most annoying and time-taking issue with the chainsaw is it getting tangled. People generally are not aware of the easy method of untangling a chainsaw chain and tend to throw the chainsaw, as its repairing is a tedious process. There are a couple of reasons for the problems encountered with the chainsaw. Thus, before addressing the way of untangling the chainsaw, one must be aware of the possible reasons for the problems encountered:-

  • Chain fixing- fixing or setting up the chain is an essential process. Generally, the chainsaw seems faulty because the tension between the bars is not properly adjusted; otherwise, the problem of chain being tangled.
  • Mechanical fault- the machines are generally accurate but encounter a lot of problems. The tension of the device is affected by the distance between the sprocket and the bar. A change in the tension affects the tightening or loosening of the chain, which otherwise results in tangling the chain saw chain.
  • Damaged bar- With any damage occurring in the bar, like debris getting stuck or wooden chips gathering, the chainsaw chain is tangled. In this case, the chainsaw chain needs to be replaced.

Untangling the chainsaw chain:-

Untangling is generally considered a lengthy, difficult and tedious process, and people generally avoid getting into the fuss and replace or give it away for repair. But here are some steps which state the easiest method of untangling the chain without incurring any cost, like:-

  1. The first step suggests the removal of the chainsaw chain by the necessary tools and detaching the chain, chainsaw housing and the guide bar keeping aside safely the other parts of the chainsaw.
  2. In the next step, one needs to start untangling the chain. For this purpose, one needs to find both sides of the loop, grasp one loop in each hand, and then allow the chain to hang down. This step untangles the chain fully or maybe partially.
  3. The third step focuses on the loosening of the chain to make the loops at least three inches bigger by unravelling the other loops. One can keep it on a flat surface but should hold tight to the main loops.
  4. In the next step, one needs to discover the stiffest, lowest part of the chain and move it away from the main loops. In the process, more loop creation is allowed.
  5. Lastly, if one still wants to know how to untangle a chainsaw chain, one can try to make one loop as larger as possible. It might be time taking, but it gives a perfect functioning chainsaw.


As we know, prevention is much better than cure. One should take safety precautions while untangling to prevent accidents, like wearing chainsaw gloves and protective goggles. Most importantly, before trying to enquire how to untangle a chainsaw chain, one should be ready with a wooden table, necessary tools and lubricant for the above process to be quick and not to queer it.


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