Outdoor mission essentials: condor deployment bag and MOLLE glove pouch


Are you army personnel or simply someone who loves to go hikes, camp in the woods, or go backpacking? If yes, then you know how important the equipment that you carry along with you is.


When you go for a hike or mission, the primary things you will need are a tent, sleeping bag, torch, first-aid kit, water bottle, mosquito repellents, map, clothing, etc. Where will you put all these items? A normal backpack is not built to carry so many things for such long durations.


It is why you need a condor deployment bag. The condor deployment bag is a large military bag that is perfect for storing all your gear required to set up camp. Such tactical bags generally come in compact sizes. Deployment bags have the reinforced portability of backpacks as well as the convenience of a handbag. These bags range typically from minimalistic deployment bags to expensive duffle bags, which are gigantic and can hold various equipment and accessories.


These bags are made of an outer material that rips and is water-resistant. It makes them the ideal companion for any outdoor adventures, dangerous events, and missions. Deployment bags come in many shapes as well as sizes. It would help if you found the specific model that is perfect for your needs. The advantage of the condor deployment bag is that you can keep your items in the bag in a well-sorted and organized manner. You will not regret the convenience that such a bag can provide during long traveling hours.


It can carry the condor deployment bags in three different ways

· Carry it in your hand by holding the web handle.

· Carried over the shoulder by using the adjustable, removable strap

· Mount the backpack with its MOLLE (Modular, lightweight load-carrying equipment) webbing.


These bags come in different materials and sizes that can have an impact on their usefulness. Depending on your needs, you may need a large or small deployment bag, a bag on wheels, more pockets, etc.


The bag is not the only thing that is needed when camping or going on a mission. One other very essential component that you must carry is a MOLLE glove pouch. Tactical EMTs mostly hold such glove pouches. However, if you plan a long stay in the woods, it will be wise to take a MOLLE glove pouch with you. These glove pouches have elastic openings that can easily dispense disposable gloves for easy access.


It can open the top with a pull tab and hook. The loop closure present in the pouch allows for additional access. There are multiple carrying options for such bags. You can either attach it to your belt, assault pack, tactical vest, or anything with a MOLLE panel. These glove pouches can hold multiple disposable gloves pairs. These can come in very handy during emergencies.

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