Maintaining Motivation Throughout Tough Times in your Career


This article speaks about times when you may be lacking motivation in your career and suggests five ways to maintain motivation during tough times.

There are times when work is fantastic, and you can’t wait to show up to work every day. Other times, you have no motivation, and it feels nearly impossible to get out of bed in the morning. These ups and downs in motivation are routine. However, failing to take steps to maintain motivation in your career can delay or even prevent you from achieving your career goals. Here are five ways to keep motivated during the tough times in your career.

1. Set Proper Boundaries

An all-too-common reason for lack of motivation is a failure to set proper boundaries. Being at the whim of others’ constant demands can take a severe toll on your motivation to show up at work every day. Take care to set proper boundaries in the workplace to prioritize the important and meaningful things to you and separate yourself from the things that drain your energy and motivation.

2. Cut Out the Less Important Things

The cause of your lack of motivation may be a too-busy workload. It isn’t realistic or possible to be motivated or excited to come to work if you expect yourself to work like a machine. Take some time to evaluate if you are overworked. If so, shave off some of the less critical things from your daily to-do list. Don’t feel guilty about this – it will lead to increased productivity in the end.

3. Set a Small Goal

Sometimes all it takes to re-ignite the spark is something tangible to work toward. However, a goal too large when motivation is already lacking isn’t likely to help. Instead, a small and achievable goal won’t be overly daunting. This goal will present a challenge in your work life that may inspire you to get up in the morning and put your heart into your work again.

4. Celebrate Your Victories

Related to setting goals, make sure that when you do achieve something in your career, you celebrate it! Take your spouse out for a nice dinner, get drinks with your coworkers, buy a new work outfit, take a day off – whatever you feel you deserve. Constantly working with no rewards in the short term is a major motivation killer. Failing to take time to celebrate the smaller victories from time to time will cause you to burn out far before you can reap the long-term rewards.

5. Remind Yourself Why You Started

The repetitive and monotonous tasks we all are required to participate in from time to time can make it difficult to see the big picture. Take some time to consider what led you to your current career in the first place. Write down all the reasons if it helps you. What are your long-term goals? What parts of your career bring meaning to you? Remind yourself of these things and hold them in your mind when you find yourself lacking motivation.

Maintaining motivation in your career is key in meeting your long-term career goals. Take the time to consider these five ways to keep your motivation when you find yourself amid a tough time in your career life.

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