How Long Can a Stainless Steel Crown Last?


For any dental cap to be seated for rectifying the tooth space, alingnment with the adjacent teeth; a frequent query is to know about the number of years the crown lasts. The lasting nature of a crown is essential to avoid frequent visits to the dentist and reduce unnecessary treatment costs. The stainless steel crowns being an alloy adds years of durability and firmness to the tooth structure. The stainless steel teeth sets are pre-casted for trying on the prepped up tooth.

These last for several decades and do not get discolored over time. For the baby tooth these fall out on their own when the inlaying tooth matures to give way to permanent tooth. The stainless steel crowns are lowest in cost ranging from $200-$2000, determined by the tooth type, especially for the pre-molars and the molars. Read on to know more about the speciality of these caps in dental repairs and restorations.

Why Stainless Steel Crowns?

The stainless steel teeth sets offer the following perks to get the cavity affected tooth liberated from decay and degeneration.

  • Strength of the an alloy and durability of steel

  • Resilient to corrosion

  • Super easy to clean 

  • Has its own colour and lustre

  • Lasts for over a decade and more

  • Maintains tooth structure and ensures tooth alignment

  • Supports the structure of decay treated tooth

  • No appearance of breaks and cracks 

How long do the stainless steel teeth sets last once installed? For 7-10 years and more than two decades when seated on permanent teeth. It is stronger than the natural enamel of the tooth granting increased protection from forceful bites and tooth clenching times. These are the perfect crowns for a child's molar tooth. For them, the stainless steel dental crown comes out on its own once the baby tooth falls out. 

The adults can experience lesser treatments with the steel caps, especially when the dental fillings fail to contain and support the void created by ¾ decay of the tooth. These can be trimmed from the edges to suit the space between the other two teeth. The customised ones cost more than the usually available steel crowns which seem bulkier than the original tooth and helps in the reconstruction of the concerned tooth.

The stainless crown tooth can be placed without the use of anesthesia. It contains the decay from spreading over to the next tooth structures. Their success rates are the highest amongst the various crown materials used, in the oral cavity for future perfection of tooth set. The cavity is removed prior to the seating of the steel crown for improved structural integrity, safety and dental hygiene. They only fall short in case of their colour, which can be easily borne by limiting them to the back tooth.


The dental crowns have their own pros and cons yet they ace in their functions and properties to aid proper dental hygiene and prolonged protection. These vary from crown to crown, yet the stainless steel crowns grant the toughest shield from any sort of complications later on for the frail tooth.

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