Do You Know How To Maintain Your RO Water Purifier?

Are you confused about how you can maintain your RO water purifier? Has the thought of repairing charges of the machine occurred to you? Well, let us tell us, you’re not the only one who has such kind of thoughts. Many people who have bought the RO purifier or think to buy one are concerned about its maintenance. As a customer, we understand your concern. That is why we are here to discuss how we can maintain your RO water purifier and how Kent RO service Lucknow can help you with this.

Nowadays, drinking pure water has become a necessity as regular water contains contaminants within it. Municipal provided water supply has dirt, dust, virus, bacteria, microorganisms, and harmful chemicals. So it is advised by experts to drink purified water only.

So, we can understand the need for having a purifier at home. And a RO water purifier will protect you and your family from various water-borne diseases. But the maintenance of a RO can be of your concern. We will be helping you with this. We shall discuss how you can maintain your machine. So let us get started then.

What A RO Purifier Is

Before we discuss the maintenance system of a RO purifier, we would like you to know what an RO water purifier is. So, reverse osmosis, commonly referred to as RO, is a filtration process that uses a permeable membrane to dissolve impurities from regular tap water.

This water filtration process uses this thin reverse osmosis membrane in order to dissolve the salt, chemicals, and other contaminants from water. And offers you pure water to drink.

Know Your RO Purifier

So, to begin with, the water is pushed to pass through the membrane, which separates microorganisms, chemicals, and other impurities from the water. A RO purification has a multi-layered filtration process. And the different filtration stages dissolve different types of impurities to make the water safe for consumption. So, it is very much needed to maintain or change the filters of a RO regularly. The lack of regular maintenance can cause damage to the membrane, and the filtration process will also be affected.

Maintenance Of RO Water Purifier

The machine needs proper care so that it can be served for a longer period. Maintaining a RO is a must to ensure that your machine does not have any glitches. To drink clean, fresh, and tasty water, you have to regularly change the filters and membrane. In that case, you can take help from Kent RO repair Lucknow. The service provider will make sure that your machine is functioning properly.

As discussed earlier, changing of filter regularly is required for the better performance of your machine. The machine can get clogged for all the contaminants, so changing and cleaning the purifier for 4-5 months or once a year is advisable. However, replacing the parts or the servicing will depend on the number of contaminants your supplied water carries.

Changing The Filters

A RO purifier has multiple filtration stages, and all the filters need replacement periodically. Not changing the filters can harm the filtration process, and you may end up drinking impure and unsafe water.

Sediment Filter: A RO purifier uses a sediment filter to remove contaminants present in the tap water. It strains out sediment, dirt, dust from the water and protects the RO membrane so that the dirt does not enter into it. The sediment filter needs replacement once a year

Carbon Filter: The carbon filter is also needed a regular replacement.  A carbon filter dissolves chlorine and other harmful chemicals, and other contaminants. It ensures that you have tasty and odor-free water to drink. So, a carbon filter should be changed once a year for the machine’s life and better performance

RO Membrane Filter: RO membrane is the central part of the purifier. Water passes through this membrane, and it removes the remaining contaminants. And provides you 100% safe water to drink. So a regular replacement is advised by experts so that you can have pure for a long time. A RO membrane needs to change every 4-5 months. You can book your appointment with the water purifier service Lucknow, and they will help you out as early as possible

Annual Maintenance Cost

The annual maintenance cost of a RO is affordable. A company like Kent provides annual maintenance contracts (AMC), making it easier to maintain your machine. And they have a good name in the market for their service as well. RO service Lucknow can be of your help in case you need it.

So you just need to replace the filters regularly and in case you face any problem, call the helpline number of your service provider.


A RO purifier is your call in case you are thinking of buying a purifier. Besides, the maintenance of RO is hassle-free. So, service your RO regularly to drink pure and safe water and stay healthy and fit.

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