Changes In Endwalker That Could Affect FFXIV Gil Farming


A new expansion for an MMORPG is always an exciting time, and the release of Endwalker for Final Fantasy XIV is no different. The latest addition to the hit MMO is set to have new locations to visit, new races to try out, and of course, we can’t forget about the new FFXIV mounts. There will also be changes that will be made to the core gameplay such as the Jobs aspect. Players can expect these changes to dramatically alter how they usually play the game in many ways than ever before. This can either make a player love their class role even more or convince them to try out other Jobs that they otherwise wouldn’t think of even delving into. Back in September, Square Enix showcased some of the changes and abilities that are coming to the newly revised Jobs for the Endwalker expansion, along with the demonstration of two new Jobs, the Sage and the Reaper. We’ll be talking about a bunch of things to expect for FFXIV Endwalker as the release date draws near, so read on down below!


Significant Job Changes for Melee DPS 

The hype is real for folks that have Melee DPS Jobs, partly because it’s where the Reaper will be making an appearance. The best part is, players don’t need to spend anyFFXIV Gil just to try out the class! The Reaper will be able to summon a Voidsent Avatar that will fight alongside them, and they’re also capable of granting party-wide buffs. What’s special about the Reaper is that they have the Soul Gauge which is used to unlock new attacks. On the other side of the spectrum, there’s the Shroud Gauge which lets the Reaper become one with their Voidsent Avatar, enabling them to use their abilities. 

Besides the addition of the Reaper, some major changes are coming to the current Jobs for Endwalker as well. Most notably, ranged attacks will no longer interrupt/break melee combos for all the Melee DPS Jobs. The Feint skill will also be changed to reduce physical damage and magical damage dealt. The reduction is for the physical damage is set to be stronger than magical damage.


Significant Job Changes for Healers 

Of course, we can’t forget our healers. They’re the ones who keep the team alive during intense group boss battles and raids, after all. Plus, one of the two new Jobs that’ll be added in Endwalker, the Sage, is a Healer. To further elaborate as to what the Sage is, it’s a barrier-focused Healer Job wherein they heal designated allies by attacking enemies--think of it as like absorbing the life essence of an enemy and transferring it to your party member. This results in the Sage possessing unique resources and mechanics to activate their damage-dealing, healing, and enhancing capabilities. 

All of the Healer Jobs will receive new spells where they can grant single-target buffs. What’s more, the range of their limit break AoE will be extended by a whopping 50 yalms which is huge since this gives them a bigger room to active their buffs and heals that can help their party members. Finally, the offensive spells’ casting time of all Healers is set to be shortened to around 1.5 seconds.


The Island Sanctuary: A Paradise for Players Who Need to De-Compress 

While the Island Sanctuary isn’t necessarily included in the Endwalker expansion, it would be a shame not to talk about it. During the expansion’s post-launch patch, Final Fantasy XIV will be receiving a new mode called Island Sanctuary. Very sparse details are yet to be found concerning what players can expect from it since it’s not planned for release yet until Endwalker is out, but what we do know is that it’s an Animal Crossing-like, Stardew Valley-inspired mode wherein you can tend to your crops and raise livestock, akin to a farming sim.


It’s worth noting that Island Sanctuary is completely optional and has no ties to the main game at all. Naoki Yoshida, the director of FFXIV, commented that players can either truly make the deserted island their own or leave it as is--the choice is ultimately yours. Now, hardcore raid content players might find Island Sanctuary to be pointless since there’s no contribution or objectives to complete, but the best way to think about it is it’s a mode made for players who just want a brief respite. You can try to accomplish things that you otherwise couldn’t in your regular estate and invite friends over for a get-together; Island Sanctuary can be best described as a mode in FFXIV that’s more socially focused rather than the usual MMO grind that players are used to.


Final Thoughts 

The Endwalker expansion for Final Fantasy XIV is set to release on November 23, 2021. With the game just recently celebrating 24 million players being registered for the year, FFXIV is on a hot streak that isn’t going to burn out soon. The usual things such as more quests to farm FFXIV Gil for and a new array of are to be expected for the upcoming DLC. Are you hyped for FFXIV Endwalker? What’s the thing about it that excites you the most? Let us know down below!

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