Amazon Store Listing Optimization Tips: What To Do & What Not To Do

 Are you looking for a free-of-charge way to improve your Amazon store performance? Check out this guideline on listing optimization right away!

Within the first six months of 2021, Amazon has been reported to earn a global revenue of more than $221 billion. The growth rate of Amazon in recent years has been phenomenal, given its position in the e-commerce market. Therefore, more and more retailers are turning to this platform, hoping to have their fair share of the profit. But the reality turns out to be much harsher than expected.

To successfully convert Amazon users to shoppers, running ads is not enough. Sellers also have to improve the quality of their product listing and help it climb up the ranking in Amazon search results. If this is bothering you, keep reading to find out about the top tips regarding Amazon listing optimization.

Overview Of Amazon Listing Optimization

In simple terms, Amazon listing optimization refers to the process in which businesses finesse their landing page to the smallest details. As a result, everything, including the keywords, ad copy, and imagery, needs to be at its peak performance. 

If done correctly, the UI/UX will be significantly upgraded, thus giving your target audience a more pleasant shopping experience. Furthermore, Amazon’s A9 will definitely favor a carefully tailored store and offer you a much higher place on its ranking. Needless to say, when your product stands a chance of being exposed to more customers, the clickthrough and conversion rate will go up noticeably.

Another reason why most competent marketers highly recommend this practice is its cost-effectiveness. Marketing approaches tend to eat up a great portion of any company’s business, especially when it comes to digital ad campaigns. 

However, auditing a product landing page can be done without spending a single dime. It is all about enhancing the value of what is already available online. You can efficiently perform the required tasks on your own if the circumstances allow. Or even when you outsource this particular job to an Amazon marketing agency, the fee will be minimal and within the affordable range of most small and medium-sized businesses. 

DOs And DON’Ts In Amazon Store Listing Optimization


The keywords present in your landing page are scanned by A9 every time a user types in a similar term. From there, A9 will decide the location of your product and see if yours earns a spot within the first two pages of the search result. As keywords mostly determine your store’s visibility, make sure you follow the tips below.

  • Fill in keywords anywhere that matters: The first place where keywords must be included is in the heading title. Next up, put the keywords in the bullet point section and fill some more in the description.

  • Take advantage of long-tail keywords: Some people dislike long-tail keywords as they appear lengthier and less effective. Still, when customers put in a phrase such as “silk pillowcase for women under $25,” chances are they would seal the deal immediately should a suitable product come up.

Besides what to do regarding keyword optimization, you should also avoid these mistakes.

  • Chase after high volume keywords: Keywords like “tablet” or “Nintendo switch” indeed indicate a massive interest from potential buyers. However, the stiff competition that comes alongside is no joke. If you are new to the platform, there is no way you can compete with other brand names offering the same popular products.

  • Forget about backend keywords: Backend keywords are not visible to customers, but A9 can still see through them. If you forget to include misspellings, variations of the main keywords, relevant terms, etc., into the field, you are doing a disservice to the listing.

Product title

The product title is arguably the most important copy on your entire landing page. Hence, it should be prioritized using these tactics.

  • Include the product’s unique selling points: Apart from the main keyword indicating what you are offering, detailing its characteristics is a smart move. Show your customers brief information on the brand, model, color, material, size, and so on. 

  • Stay within the word limit: Amazon only leaves space for 250 characters in the title. Try to create an info-packed, compelling title but not exceeding the threshold.

And, of course, when crafting an ideal title, be sure to stay away from rookie mistakes as listed here.

  • Insert promotional statement: In the policies put forward by Amazon, promotional content is not to be put within the title. If you violate this rule, you risk not only the visibility of your landing page but also the legitimacy of your account.

  • Utilize HTML tags and special characters: The reason is similar to the above, as Amazon bans retailers from external linking and the use of special characters.

Product photos

The tricks here are simple enough, but if you want to be sure, let’s have a look at our checklist of dos.

  • Choose an appropriate primary image: This is the first photo that pops up when shoppers scroll down your listing. Make sure you pick something that shows all the best features of the product.

  • Attach secondary photos to catch the attention: Most customers would not be satisfied when shown only one image. Therefore, you need to include an entire series, each picture focusing on a different part of your product.

When it comes to visual assistance, what not to do is actually quite straightforward.

  • Add low-quality photos: Not only are they off-putting for customers, but they also affect the overall reputation of your business.


Amazon store listing optimization might come off as a piece of cake at first. But in reality, things can get much messier if you do not employ the right tactics. 

For those with no previous experience in the field or would like some professional advice on how to audit their product listing, why not have a look at Olifant Digital? Here, rest assured that you will be presented with actionable, easy-to-implement strategies that guarantee to bring back profits for your business. Do you want to see with your own eyes? Check it out now!

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