Top 30+ Companies To Hire Remote Developers During COVID-19 In The USA


Top 30+ Companies To Hire Remote Developers During COVID-19 In The USA

Finding a reliable developer these days is a daunting task, especially during Covid-19 that has turned havoc for the world. Before the pandemic, hiring developers was a simple job as you could personally interact with them and execute things in a synchronized manner. But, COVID-19 has made everything shift to remote working globally. So, this has raised the demand for remote developers to the peak. Besides, finding the best, qualified, and full-time remote developers along with withholding them is an absolutely impossible task. Who knows, you will get a top-notch full-time Remote Developer in the process. You will get a plethora of websites on the Internet regarding the hiring of remote developers and you only have to decide which one to choose. The fine volume of candidates is available to you on the web but the entire hiring process requires your time. We have made this process simple for you all by diving in detail into the best remote working developers options out there.

1. Toptal

Toptal is a global remote company that delivers a freelancing platform initially made with only tech professionals in mind. Now, it has expanded its reach from a pool of talent to involve financial experts, designers but the company's main niche is its remote developers. These are PHP, Python, JavaScript, React developers). You will face this question if you find a developer is up to the job, in that case hiring an extraordinary developer from Toptal is likely your perfect fit. Toptal has claimed an elite remote developers base, especially during Covid-19 in the USA. As per Toptal, only 3% of job seekers make it through their field of technical tests and overall examining procedure.

2. Hired

The best platforms regarding providing remote developers permit you to get developers faster. Hired has come forward to show their work and assist employers to find the best remote developers using their custom matching software. Here, you get a brilliant chance to use their pipeline to find custom matches. You can first build a company profile, look for candidates using their search algorithm (it removes gender and racial identifiers for more equitable hiring), and schedule interviews with candidates. Hired will get you specialized developers who are actively looking for better opportunities and have great experience in this field.

3. Upwork

Upwork is a hefty freelancing platform with around 12 million users over it. This highly famous website connects clients across the globe with remote freelancers from the best content writers to remote developers who are experts in Python JavaScript, etc. They have this sorting algorithm and ease in using it. If you are looking for programmers on Upwork to interview, you will face a fair session here interviewing a plethora of candidates with much involvement. Their quality of freelancers is little variable for the huge marketplace. Yet, as there is the minimal screening performed by the company itself. Moreover, most of the screening jobs and vetting will be the task for you.

4. GitHub Jobs

Don't look for hefty job platforms because GitHub is all equipped with tech talent. It has a huge community of reliable and talented remote developers as it's one of the biggest open-source online repositories for coders at present. It takes a small fee to post a developer job listing and you will find the best deal of exposure on GitHub's hefty developer's community.

5. Codersera

Codersera is your one-stop solution for app development and Coding Services. They have a hefty and super talented team of coders who never misses out on an opportunity to give the best results. It deeply keeps an eye on its client's business to offer the best services. The dedicated team of Codersera uses the client's idea and applies their overall experience to fulfill the goals. They also care for your financial constraints and meet the deadlines on time.

6. Stack Overflow

A rival to Stack Overflow is definitely GitHub in the online community. Besides, it is the heftiest and most trusted developers community on the web nowadays. However, it is frequently used as a great resource for all sorts of remote developers, be it a beginner to advance, trying their best to learn more about coding. GitHub's job board permits for a good amount of exposure to talented developers across the globe.

7. Gigster

Gigster is a website that recruits remote developers and is just a lookalike to companies like X-Team. It links you with a reliable and qualified team of developers for several tech projects. Besides, it sets clients up with product managers, who works as links between Gigster developers and clients. This makes the process much smoother and mainly for managers with less experience. It should be able to match you with a reliable and dedicated developers team in far less amount of time than a typical hiring agency. But, they do not provide you a 48-hour guarantee.

8. People Per Hour

People Per Hour is another top-notch freelancing platform similar to Upwork. What makes it special from others is that it conducts contests and permits freelancers to post their job postings that are called hourlies. It has a million members on its marketplace with thousands of confirmed working hours and plenty of success stories from entrepreneurs and freelancers. You will have ease of job posting, contacting several freelancers, and paying them for hours they have worked makes People Per Hour a splendid choice for employers who are interested in looking for developers across the globe.

9. Dice

Dice is a well-built tech and IT job platform with around 3 million registered tech experts on the platform. It claims high traffic to its website with around 2.4 million creative visitors a month. You will definitely find posting a job listing a little more costly here than niche job boards as only job listing costs around $400. The price shouldn't prevent employers as the exposure you will get will more than justify the cost of it.

10. is a website providing remote developers and is a growing community. Like Toptal, they have designed their service to take the boredom out of the hiring procedure. finds their talent and makes sure that their freelancers are fully committed to every single project they work on. It prides itself on its humanism approach and every employer is linked with a VP, instead of a sales representative, and they provide freelancers with the resources required to succeed. perfectly manages and replaces talent with no amount of risk to you and backs every hour invested with a 100% money-back guarantee.

11. Guru

Guru has a hefty global network of freelancers but a little smaller than People Per Hour and Upwork's developer's pool. You will see the profiles of around 1.5 million gurus here, proposed projects, and pay for your hired talent with their utmost secure SafePay system. Guru isn't fully focused on remote developers, but it has every sort of professionals working with it. Moreover, you will also find the examining and interviewing thing will be up to you.

12. Freelancer

Freelancer is a hefty marketplace with 25 million registered users on its well-formed platform, with 12 million total posted jobs and thousands of accomplished projects. You will definitely face a challenge while finding the best developer as it seems like a needle in the haystack. On Freelancer, the job postings of a website developer are one of the most famous categories. But, you still have to find among those thousands of profiles, then interview candidates yourself along with payments execution. Freelancer looks like an affordable option and gives you a great hiring solution. 


Whether you wish to develop a fresh tech project from scratch or searching for scaling your latest team, RemoteOK is the one-stop solution for you. It brings some of the most talented and reliable remote developers on the table from around the globe efficiently and simply. You will have it all from Python programmers to Java experts to proficient software developers to iOS developers. RemoteOK offers you a plethora of remote developers especially during Covid-19 in the USA. It came in the year 2015 and has a massive global reach of more than 1 million professionals. Besides, it has thoughtful add-ons and flexible pricing and makes it a splendid option for employers searching to hire remote developers for their goal-critical reports. Various titans like Starbucks, Microsoft, Stripe, etc. hold their trust in the hands of RmeoteOK's remote developers.

14. Authentic Jobs

Authentic Jobs is a premiere job board for design, web, and innovative talent. Its popularity has flourished since its commencement and the board is used by The New York Times as a section of its acquisition process. As front-end development frequently comprises both technical and innovative aspects, Authentic Jobs serves you well to start your search with. They have job postings in the field like web and mobile developer positions and front-end positions which are likely similar to your own requirements. Also, it permits for posting developer positions whether local or remote, so you won't be limited to remote freelancers or employees.

15. X-Team

X-Team serves you with the well-qualified front-end developers who have got educational resources and mentorship for being a part of X-Team. They do the heavy hiring similar to and Toptal. So, you won't be burdened with searching through resumes or making personalized interview scripts. X-Team is well-known for its way of organizing teams of the best developers and could serve as a good resource for outsourcing software development. 

16. Arc

Arc, earlier known as Codementor X, assists employers to search and hire high-quality remote developers easily. Its meticulous screening process is known as 'Silicon-Valley Calibre Vetting' and makes sure that only 1.1% of candidates pass their behavioral and technical assessments. Arc assists various businesses to hire remote developers across several tech stacks from React Native experts to Python experts to front-end programmers to PHP/ Java coders, etc. It also provides an opportunity from full-time remote engineering teams to hourly contractors based on their requirements. Hundreds of fast-growing companies have shown trust in Arc like Y-Combinator, Spotify. But, all the leg-work is done by Arc to recognize qualified candidates that suit your project needs.

17. YouTeam

YouTea is a top-notch marketplace filled with tech talent that links several businesses and startups to developers and designers from foreign countries. As you have seen in TopTal and Upwork, clients can easily look for profiles of software developers and interview them personally. The difference here is that you would get developers who are not freelancers. They are a part of your reliable and dedicated teams working on full-time criteria at local software agencies. However, the clients collude directly with the developers, without even a PM acting as a mediator (though the PM model is also desirable. Resulting, you work with the developer's team remotely just as you do with the dedicated freelancers, yet your collaboration is as beautiful as it would be with an in-house team.

18. MoonlightWork

MoonLightWork is a hefty community of product designers and software developers that also works as a marketplace where you can simply Hire Remote Freelance Developers with no trouble. It works in a way where you initially have to post the job description on their platform. Then, Moonlight tells the community and finds you the best suitable matches. You need to work together with the job seekers on a paid trial project. In case of an accomplished complete trial, you can easily hire the software developers as ongoing contractors or full-time employees. Also, you can either pay them on an hourly criterion through the Moonlight platform or hire them directly.

19. Pilot

  • Pilot is a premium hiring platform that links clients from across the globe with the vetted software developers and designers who execute the hiring logistics from top to bottom. The examining process is a little tough and they will continuously assess the platform members.

The examining process goes like this:

  • Proper analysis of the written communication skills.
  • Simulation of cooperative projects challenges to view how the freelancer fixes them.
  • Skilled-based evaluation. For example, if the programmer is well-versed with CSS, and HTML and examines this skill. 
  • Coding assignments that the senior member reviews of the online marketplace.
  • Review of the application.
  • An interview test a particular language and communication skills.
  • Also, only 1% of all the candidates pass the screening round.


Fiverr is a well-known marketplace of on-demand digital freelance from audio to music to programming and tech. It is a great platform for those searching for a remote developer especially during Covid-19 in the USA for short-term projects. Below is its basic functioning:

  • You have to search for the services that you need like WordPress website design.
  • To make it more simple, just use the smart filters present there. You can mention the service type you wish to hire for example complete website creation and plugins, delivery time, and price range.
  • Fiver displays a varied list of available portfolios that you can easily browse over the web. You can opt from several pricing packages available e.g. PRO business website, a startup business website, or an e-commerce business website.
  • Now, choose your services and click the button "Order Now".

21. is a broad network of experimented developers that you can hire as freelancers over the web. These dedicated developers are located mostly in Eastern Europe and therefore provide a quite reasonable hourly rate for the US, particularly, ranging between $25 and $45. You just require to purchase hours before you begin your hiring procedure and working with these extremely reliable developers on your project. Besides, specializes mainly in web development and has a great history of work with technologies like WordPress, PHP, Magento, HTML5/CSS3, Drupal, JavaScript, and Node.js. This platform views the developers using 3 parameters i.e qualifications, overall adequacy, and English level. might be your choice if you are searching for an iOS developer. 

22. TechFetch

TechFetch is a top-notch job posting platform in the US that touches 2 million developers yearly. They are a multi-platform engine that matches jobs with a complete database of around a million tech experts. Several candidates reach this website and they just have to upload their resumes and apply to jobs for free, while employers can't work without subscribing to paid packages to post job listings. Candidates can upload resumes and apply to jobs for free, while employers need to subscribe to paid packages to post jobs. TechFetch is known for providing a 7-day free trial and you will gain access to more than 1 million tech resumes. There are two paid subscription plans from which you have to choose. Don't miss this great opportunity to connect with a global tech community in the US, U.K, Canada, the Middle East, India, and several other countries as well. It introduces you to an amazing social job share feature where you can share job posts also on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

23. Hubstaff Talent

Hubstaff Talent is well-known for providing a full-free service for hiring developers. It operates as a hefty database of freelance developers and agencies that clients can easily search through. They have a unique USP of transparency which states this platform is a transparent marketplace for all clients to search freelance developers' profiles and get in touch with directly. However, it certainly lacks the vital features needed for hiring suitable talent as per your requirements. The major area of concern is its free but no screening is properly executed. Yet, it doesn't conduct manual experimenting of the developers. Therefore, ample time and effort investment is required on your part in evaluating developers.

24. We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely is a job board filled with experts especially for remote-only jobs. Individuals or companies can post their freelance or full-time coding jobs on the platform. Their USP is their hefty network and they have claimed it as the "biggest remote work community in the world". Besides, it receives 2.5M visitors monthly and they list jobs across 8 categories that have product management, freelance development, design, etc. In its list of USP, direct applications are also there as coding jobs are the platform's prime focus with around 5-10 fresh jobs being posted every day. The platform doesn't deliver any experimenting of freelancers and any visitor to the website can see jobs and also apply to them directly with no trouble. They are highly popular in countries especially the US. It will cost you around $400. Furthermore, they provide a "filter your applicants" option also for an additional $199.

25. Angel

Angel is a top-notch world's biggest community of startups. It provides tools for the full startups' ecosystem. Its community members can easily get information on startups they are researching and according to that invest in them or apply for jobs listed by startups. You will get a well-curated job board just like We Work Remotely, and Angel has a specialized list of freelancers as full-time individuals. Besides, you will also get an easy sign-up facility where the entire process from the community is easy. You just need to sign up by making your profile and add your company's profile. Then, you can simply post your job connected to it and also add relevant details like the skills needed, job description, pay offered, location, etc. You will get a good quality of applicants at this platform as the viewers will get details of the job and your company as well. Also, you will have to evaluate developers on your own and yet, the quality of applicants here is clearly bound to be some higher.

26. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional networking platform that provides a splendid platform to reach out and invite job applications from a broader audience. Its USP is they have a free job listing and you can use their "Jobs" page to list your freelance job. Here, the process is very simple and you just have to answer a few questions to better categorize the type of applicants and involve a more detailed job description. Besides, it provides a platform to promote and you can easily put a post on your personal or company account asking your connections to refer you to the perfect fit. If you receive a good amount of engagement on the post, then you could potentially reach many. A paid recruiter version is what LinkedIn delivers with a bunch of features to help you get and reach out to the best candidate for your freelance job. Moreover, there is no such guarantee that you will get a good quality of applicants as many profiles seems so vague on LinkedIn about a developer's technical skills. These are free job posts, but their 'Recruiter' version begins at $100/month.

27. Upstack

Filled with a great network of engineering talent, here we introduce you to the UpStack that assists small businesses to broaden their development team without having to hire any new person. Every candidate who is listed on UpStack is examined to ensure they are skilled in the fields they say they are experts in. This entire procedure results in just 1% of applicants being hired into the UpStack group of freelancers. If you need access to this top-notch group of freelancers, you need to pay some cost with a deposit worth hundreds of dollars needed to begin. The best thing about UpStack is there is a two-week trial for candidates and it has dedicated developers that specialize in every category.

28. Indeed

Indeed is a premiere and the most-reached website in the world that is trusted by several job seekers and businesses. This platform has numerous characteristics however, the best among them are its 250 million unique visitors monthly along with the built-in skills assessment tests employers can add to their job listings. Yet, this splendid platform has a great reputation on the web among customers and reviewers. Here, you all will interact with the free job posting option which is instantly replaced by newer ones in order to get any traction one would require to sponsor the job posts. So, it's a trusted, well-formed, and famous platform to hire remote developers and it integrates with the career page of a company.

29. Yeeply

Yeeply is a platform that provides us with a friendly user interface with project management characteristics that assists in connecting employers and job seekers across the globe. The marketplace of Yeeply permits employers to outsource services to qualified professionals in app development, digital marketing, and graphic design. They say they put all the professionals through a structured vetting and certification procedure. Besides, employers can easily browse through the job seeker's previous work and profiles. Moreover, Yeeply has guaranteed direct communication and transparency with teams.

30. Adeva

Adeva is a huge platform to hire remote developers that brings employers together at a place with the best-talented engineers and developers from the world. They provide an easy-to-use platform and permit employers to enter the little details about their job requirements which later they will use to recommend suitable job seekers. Besides, it offers both employers and candidates useful resources involving industry news, tech blog, and interview questions that employers can use to hire the best candidate. Adeva is not a traditional job board as employers are not allowed to directly post on the website, instead, they will help employers to fill all their developer hiring requirements.

Tips on hiring a remote developer

When you are looking for a developer, no matter whether they will be a part-time, full-time, or freelance asset to your dedicated team, you should definitely have to keep a few things in mind. If you miss paying attention to the little details, you end up hiring the wrong person with a handsome salary that surely does not fit your requirements of the company. 

  1. Be vocal about your requirements: Development is a hefty area of expertise and a software developer must bring to the table should be different from a web developer. Keeping this in mind one should ensure their job listings are as detailed as possible to hire the correct individual without wasting much time either the client's time.

  2. Embrace the significance of deadlines: Development delays could cost you more if your company is relying on the specialization of a freelance developer to get things accomplished, then you need to ensure they are punctual enough with what they do. Also, if possible, you can ask for references from past employers when looking out for freelancers in the market.

  3. Hire experts: When you search for a freelance developer, just ensure to pay enough amount of attention to their credentials. You will see various certifications as earned by an individual when becoming a developer. So, just look after asking to see them well. Moreover, get to know more about their previous job experience and the training they have done.

  4. Ensure to test their abilities: It is a thing to call oneself a developer. However, it's another to have the skills to get the job done. Ensure the candidate approaching you are bringing is a good fit, set up a little test to ensure they know what they are doing.

Wrapping Up

If you are looking to hire remote developers for your startup, you will definitely reach one name on this list that will assist you to do this. No matter if you are up for onboard full-time developers or partner with a Custom software development company. A point to keep in mind is that hiring a dedicated developer's team on a full-time criterion is a hefty commitment. So, just ensure you execute all the vital due attention to see they are the correct fit before onboarding them. Once you find a suitable candidate, then it's frequently tough to let them go. If you wish to hire freelance developers or partner with a custom software development company, you will surely be more flexible only paying for software development when you require it.

If you have to opt for reliable developers, always remember they have the best technical expertise to assist you to develop your product as you would do with any tech partner. Just ensure they are highly committed to what you do. Their nature of work is like they have other jobs at hand too including yours as they are freelancers. So, choose that person who will be able to commit a good amount of time to your project, or else it could lead to a disaster. If planning to partner with a custom software development company, it's also significant to check that they have enough space to do your project, along with ensuring they are the correct fit for your company.

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