5 Sports Injuries That Your Dentist Can Treat

If you play a contact sport, there’s always the risk of an injury, despite the best protection and that could involve facial trauma. Certain sports demand wearing a mouthguard, which protects the teeth and gums and on that very topic, here are a few sporting injuries that can be treated by a dentist.

1. Broken Tooth - A severe collision can result in a tooth breaking off at the gumline, which would be very painful and requires immediate dental care. Treatment options include fitting a crown and if the root has been dislodged, root canal treatment or extraction might be the solution. The first thing to do is to have X-Ray images taken to determine whether there is bone damage and if there is, surgery might be required.

2. Cracked Tooth - It is oh so easy to crack a tooth when playing Aussie Rules or rugby and should this occur, make an appointment with an experienced Sydney emergency dentist or a reputable local dentist near you who can quickly assess the situation. There are several types of cracks and if the crack is deep, you might feel a sharp pain when drinking hot or cold liquids. The sooner you get to see an emergency dentist, the better. It is possible to save the tooth if the crack is not too deep.

3. Tooth Loss - A violent collision could result in losing a tooth completely and should that happen, try to find the missing tooth and put it in a container of water or milk and take it with you when you see the emergency dentist. If you require painkillers, buy some over-the-counter tablets until you see the dentist, who can write you a prescription for pain relief. Losing a tooth can be a traumatic experience for anyone to go through and you shouldn’t panic, rather keep calm and seek medical attention. 

4. Tooth Intrusion - A heavy clash with another player could force a tooth back into itself, which is known as ‘intrusion’. This type of injury is more common in children, as they have milk teeth that are not as strong as permanent teeth. The affected tooth might have to be extracted and the sooner you see a dentist, the better. X-Rays will determine the extent of the damage, which the dentist needs to see before treatment recommendations.

5. Fractured Roots - Another condition caused by heavy trauma, where the roots of the tooth are forced out of shape. A person might not be aware of any issues after a sporting collision and they would likely experience a dull ache, which should be investigated. When you wear a mouthguard and experience a heavy collision, the force can be pushed down onto the mouthguard, which can compress or dislodge roots.

You should always wear a mouthguard when playing full contact sports and should you ever suffer fascial trauma, get medical attention as soon as possible. If you go to an emergency hospital section, they might refer you to an emergency dentist, if they feel the dental professional is in a better position to treat the condition.

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