Every student at least once in his life has dreamed of studying abroad. But whenever we talk about studying abroad a lot of questions arise. Among them, the most common is the expenses because studying overseas is not a piece of cake. It costs a lot of money and may sometimes utilize all your life savings. As an alternative, students consider applying for the fully-funded scholarships to fund their higher studies or go for study loan schemes. You do not only have to live far away from your family but spend millions of dollars to earn your degree. Due to these complications, many students sit back and do not even dare to apply to overseas universities. 

But as we say, if you are willing to achieve something, no one can stop you from doing so. All you have to be is a little more passionate and enthusiastic about your goals. However, there was a time when studying abroad was only a dream for underprivileged students, but not anymore. Dozens of countries are here, offering free education to international students, for instance, Germany, Norway, Australia, and other EU countries.

It is a common perception that people mostly think about the UK, or the US for studying abroad. However, this is not the situation, approximately 144 EU countries giving free education to overseas students.

So, if you are passionate and strong-minded to move abroad for higher education but worrying about the tuition fees, then give this article a read. Here we will share the list of those countries charging very low or almost giving free education to the students. 

1. GERMANY...!

The very first country that comes to mind while discussing free education is Germany. It would be surprising to know that Public universities here are not charging a single penny from international and even European students. Meanwhile, they are giving free scholarships that cover all the expenditures including, stipends, accommodations, etc. So, keep Germany at the top of your list if you have a plan to move abroad for education.


It is a place that has a unique rule that they do not charge anything from the international students. So, with no further delay, start applying to the universities of Norway to get scholarships and fulfill your dream. Another appealing factor is that they do not need IELTS and TOEFL to give scholarships to their international students.


On the number three, we have Sweden. It is famous for giving free education in public universities for Bachelor's and Master's programs. However, they charge a bit from non-EU countries for the above degree programs. On the other hand, the Ph.D. programs are free for all students. So, this place is also a great choice if you are interested in doing a master's or your bachelor's degree.


Here the education is not completely free, but they charge less amount from the students that do not cost them a lot. Here the fee ranges from 400-2000USD per year. So, one can afford that amount.


It is one of the most beautiful yet safest places in the world. However, for EU citizens, education is free for all degrees. Well, the list does not end here, but it is one of the best choices, especially for the EU students.


Above is the list of all the countries helping the students to achieve their dreams by charging very low to no tuition fees. But keep in mind many countries are serving overseas students at affordable charges.

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