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Preparing and making sport predictions is a very meticulous and responsible activity. The actual and truthful prediction on sports events can be made only after careful studies of a large volume of information. Good knowledge of a particular sports discipline is very important.

Scores24 provides users with an opportunity to find sports predictions prepared by experts on such sports as:

  • soccer;·        
  • basketball;
  • tennis;
  • volleyball;
  • snooker;
  • ice hockey;
  • water polo, etc.

To make a perfect prediction, experts use statistical data and also take into account a number of special factors that may affect the outcome of a sporting event. Most often such factors include direct, indirect, and abstract factors.

Factors that should not be overlooked in making predictions

In addition to the basic information, experts consider the following factors that help provide users with reliable data:

  1. Direct factors – they have a direct impact on the possible outcome of a sports event. These can include situations that cause the defeat of a particular team - various injuries, disqualification of players, or a team leader.

  2. Indirect factors - this term should be understood as factors that have an indirect impact on the final score of the match. This may include disagreements between players of opponents, disputes between players of the same team, and misunderstandings between coaches and the main roster of players.

In most cases, the reasons for conflicts are obvious and their occurrence has a negative impact on the outcome for weaker opponents only. The same can be said about betting companies. But in this case, it will be about the potential customers that can be affected.

Abstract factors imply various unforeseen circumstances. For example, a change in weather conditions, a sudden deterioration in the well-being of one of the team members. Most professionals do not take this factor into account, because they believe that the probability of their influence on the final outcome is minimal.

Why are sports forecasts needed for?

Today the services of betting companies are used by a large number of people, a lot of them cannot say that all their bets win and bring them a staggering profit. This is a natural process, as not everyone is able to predict the outcome of a sporting event in a competent way. More than 60% of players have no idea how to properly analyze information about past games and apply that knowledge to make a prediction. According to statistics, people mostly rely on luck and make bets almost with their eyes closed.

The only true solution in this situation is high-quality and accurate sports forecasts. Only with their help, it is possible to achieve the desired results in betting.

Sports forecasts from Scores24 have helped more than a thousand players become richer. So what is the success of cappers about? Such people should:

  1. have a good understanding of a particular sports discipline.

  2. use information from free sports forecasts.

  3. study reports prepared by professionals.

  4. look through all forecasts on Scores24 on a daily basis. 

  5. make bets with minimal risks taking into account the main budget.

There is a chat room on the website, where users can also get a lot of useful and interesting information from more experienced bettors. They often share their tips and tricks with newcomers, which help them to earn money on sports betting.

Free predictions

Free predictions for one or another game are especially popular among new users. More often, it is soccer that brings a big percentage of winnings, as our analysts confirm.

The following information can be found on the website:

  • predictions for sporting events today, tomorrow, and the following days;
  • game start date and time;
  • information about the personal life of the athletes;
  • data of previous matches in the last few years;
  • a list of safe and in-demand bookmakers for certain sports.

Sports predictions are published 24 hours before the game. This time is necessary for players to be able to study the information presented in detail.

Experts regularly share their predictions - outcomes, handicaps, and totals. Any user can find an outcome in the action line among the large number of possible odds.

Providing free predictions to its users, the company increases the chances of winning for everyone.

For more convenient use of the portal, users are offered to set up additional options. Thus, they will regularly receive notifications concerning their favorite players or teams. This is a very convenient option, especially for users who are used to watching everything happening in live mode.

Advantages of our platform

Scores24 is a popular sports service that daily provides its visitors with data on match results, sports schedules, bookmaker rankings, and the performance of individual players or teams in a particular discipline.

All users have great benefits, including the following:

  • regularly updated information, which is available at any time of the day or night;
  • all the data is free, you don't have to make any payments in advance;
  • we have professional experts who make the most successful predictions;
  • we provide 24/7 support for any questions that arise;
  • our website enables users to follow all the games of the tournament and the season in live mode.

The portal constantly evolves and improves to ensure that every visitor can get the most information in one place.

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