Must-Have Stationery Items for Everyday Business Needs

You might have noticed that large offices have stationery cupboards that function as a designated spot for keeping all office supplies. But today, with the advent of remote culture, people have transformed some parts of their homes into designated office spaces. When you are working from home, you cannot stay productive with a cluttered office desk. You also need some stationery items that help you keep your space structured, tidy, and organised. Stationery supplies like mega planners and diaries featuring shorthand note-taking and graph paper can help you make much sense of your workload. As it’s never too late to begin organising your workplace, here are some of the essential stationery items for you to invest in.

Markers and Pens

If you are researching something and have a lot of reading to do, you cannot ignore the importance of bright markers and pens. Markers help you highlight important sentences or quotes that you can then use in your writing or upcoming seminars. Pens are an essential stationery item. They are even more important for business persons as they need them at various points of time during any meeting or conference to jot down essential points. Buy pens with different inks so that you can change them as per the situation.

Writing Pads and Planners

You can use a daily planner to write all your tasks in a collective place according to your priorities. They are pretty easy to carry, and you can use them at any point to note down important information like phone numbers and names. If you want to get rid of your clutter and minimise workload, invest in stationery supplies like personalized notepads, diaries with well-structured layouts with extra space for notes and decorations. Such simple yet sophisticated stationery items will help you organise all your reminders, notes, and memos and simplify your schedule in the process.


Whitepapers serve as a backup option in case you face a situation when you don’t have any writing pads or books available. Whitepapers or A4 sheets should always be kept nearby at your workstation. Apart from the daily work-related stuff, you can also use them to jot down any idea that comes to your mind in the middle of the day. They are a practical option for anything ranging from brainstorming to drawing pictures or penning your thoughts. 


A calendar helps you to keep track of all your meetings and events. Writing their daily or weekly plans out on a physical calendar helps many people stay productive and organised. They also find it easier to remember the upcoming tasks. It is a good idea to place your calendar at a crucial place, like on a wall by your work desk. It will ensure that you don’t miss any important event or task. 

Tab Folders

This stationery item is essential for those who have a heavy paper workload. If you prefer to use printed documents, then tab folders will be an ideal option for you. They help in an efficient and more compact organisation of all your papers. These folders eliminate the need for you to work your way around heavy binders or incessantly search for the files you require at the moment. Simply go over to the tab you want and find all your needed documents there.

When working from home, you should always take steps to make your environment as productive as possible. The stationery items mentioned above will help you to systematically organise and declutter your workplace. Thus, they will pave the way for you to acquire better work efficiency.

Author Bio: Hannah Gilbert is a freelance writer who offers ghostwriting, copywriting, and blogging services. She works closely with B2C and B2B businesses providing digital marketing content that gains social media attention and increases their search engine visibility.

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