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Are you confused about the replacement coils and couldn't decide which one you should choose? If yes, then look no further because here I've brought something that'll resolve your problem. Yes, I'm talking about Lookah seahorse ceramic coilsand these coils need no introduction but still, for your satisfaction, let me tell you some brief details.

If you used to smoke, then you must be familiar with the wax vaporizers, right? So these ceramic replacement coils recently launched by Lookah with the new specifications are used for the wax vaporizers. These touch style dip coils are designed with food-grade material and thus are non-toxic for the environment and humans.

What makes Lookah replacement coils unique from others?

So this is a good question and is a beneficial one as well. Thus let me tell you the critical use of these coils.

·         These coils help to vape the concentrate directly from the container

·         It makes the flavour better

·         Not harmful at all

·         Compatible with the wax vaporizer

·         Can reuse with the same rich flavour as before

Lookah seahorse ceramic coils specifications

Name of product

Lookah seahorse coils


Ceramic material


2 ohm

Pack contains

Five coils


In stock now

Lookah seahorse replacement coils use

Let's talk about some of the use of these great replacement coils that will ease your life and save your day, time, money, and effort. So let's begin:

Use for wax dab vaporizers

The best thing about these ceramic coils until now is that these ceramic coils are purely designed to be used for wax vaporizers. Lookah seahorse coils at the tip of the dab pen let the concentrate out directly from the container and hence make your sesh worth.

  Improve the taste

So all the smokers out there who use these glass vaporizers and Lookah seahorse especially would admit that taste is everything that matters a lot. Hence these ceramic replacement coils are designed by aiming directly at the best flavours. Thus flavour is the key that undoubtedly gets improved with the use of these replacement coils.

     Set optimum heat

Most of the seahorse users would admit that it takes too long to set the optimum temperature. So no worries at all now because Lookah seahorse ceramic coils have been launched now. So now you just need to dab against the ceramic tip, and the desired heat will get set.

     Direct concentrate

Thus for a better flavour, you need to know the tips for placing the concentrate. So after getting the maintained temperature, place the small amount of desired concentrate or wax at the end and dab against it to get the focus directly from the container and enjoy the flavours in each hit.

ü  Adjustable

The fascinating thing about these ceramic coils is their adjustability. What else is better than if your locks can fit on all products? Yes, you've heard it right, Lookah seahorse coils can work in all the Lookah products, and thus the pack of 5 would be more than enough for several days.

ü  Budget-friendly

Are you out of money and can't afford the high prices, but you still want good quality at cheaper rates? If yes, read this section because you'll get the best Lookah seahorse ceramic coils price here. The price will be affordable and of excellent quality as Lookah never compromises on their customers' health. So if you want a good quality product at low rates, then do shop here.

ü  Best source for electronic nectar collectors

The Lookah seahorse coils use 510 thread cartridges that can replace. With the 2 ohm resistance, you can get a brilliant dabbing experience. Thus to make sure that the locks work correctly by bringing rich flavours, you've to burn the concentrates at their full.

Lookah seahorse pro tips

       Don’t clean the ceramic tip with any brush or alcohol solvent

       Burn the tip properly

       See the instructions on the guiding manual before use

       For online shop use the official site


On the whole, I tried to describe the product as best as possible. So now it's up to you that how you manage to understand its features and to work. It's not a complex product in terms of use, but if you find any difficulty, don't hesitate to contact the official page.

Lookah seahorse ceramic coils are the best replacement coils until now, and no other coil can beat the class and performance. So don't be late to shop for this incredible product and give your humble feedback also. 

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