Are all medicine delivery apps unsafe?


Online scams have increased with the rising popularity of medicine delivery apps in India. Elderly or less educated people are at more risk of getting scammed by these apps. This makes purchasing medicines from medicine delivery apps unsafe.

Why are most medicine delivery apps unsafe?

Every online medicine purchase discount app should be licensed under an organization of the Indian government. Most medicine delivery apps are not registered in India. This makes buying from these medicines risky and unsafe for customers.

According to the Government’s guidelines, every online medicine purchase discount app should only sell CDSCO tested and approved drugs. Most medicine delivery apps in India do not sell government-approved medicines to their customers. This may result in delivering expired, adulterated, and fake medicines to the customers.

Any online medicine purchase discount app selling medicines without valid prescriptions is a scam or fraud. These medicines sold without a prescription may cause severe harm to the customers. 

Many medicine delivery apps provide consultation to the customers from a non-certified doctor. These doctors may misdiagnose the condition and cause potential harm to the patients. 

According to the government, no online medicine purchase discount app should misuse the data of their customers. Unfortunately, unregistered medicine delivery apps misuse the personal or financial data of the customers for their good.

Many fraud medicine delivery apps ask for online payments of the ordered medicines and do not deliver the ordered medicines. If they deliver the order, medicines aren’t safe to consume. 

Many apps do not follow the protocols of covid-19 and social distancing in lockdown, which may spread the infection among the customers. This makes it unsafe for the customers to purchase medicines from these apps.

With the presence of these unsafe medicine delivery apps online, customers stop purchasing medicines online. This makes it difficult for apps that are safe and convenient for the customers.

To purchase online medicines safely, try Truemeds!

  • Truemeds is registered under the Registrar of Companies (RoC-Kanpur).

  • Truemeds sell only government-approved medicines.

  • It follows the government’s guidelines and sells medicines only with a valid prescription.

  • Truemeds provide consultation to the customers only from certified doctors with years of experience.

  • The online medicine purchase discount website or app is fully protected. The added personal or financial data is safe within Truemeds.

  • To offer trust and convenience, Truemeds even provides a cash-on-delivery option.

  • Truemeds follow all the protocols of the government during covid times and deliver medicines safe and sanitized. 

  • It even provides competent customer service for customers in case of an issue.

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