A Beginner's Guide to the Best Home Network Setup

It is extremely important to have a stable or strong WiFi network,especially these days when almost all working professionals work more from home and have a plethora of connected devices. Nothing is more frustrated than walking upstairs and losing the WiFi network. Or when you work in the living room but can't use your wireless printer.

So,it is always required you to set up your home network properly. Here,we are going to shed some light on how to set up your home network.Let's take the plunge.

Planning Your Home Network Setup

Before you start purchasing any network gear, firstly figure out what you need and what you are looking for building your home network.

  • What is the layout of your house? Where do you yearn for having internet? Just indoors or do you wish to extend the WiFi in the pool side?
  • How many devices do you want to connect in a wired manner? And how many devices are there that you want to connect over WiFi?
  • Do you also want your home network to support PoE (Power of Ethernet) devices?

So,these were the main things to consider before you plan for a home WiFi network setup.

Determine Who is Your ISP

ISP stands for Internet Service Provider. Basically, it is a company from whom you take the internet service for your home. You can also choose between the cable or DSL internet.

Cable and DSL: What is the Difference Between Them?

The main difference is that DSL internet is provided via the existing phone lines whereas cable internet is run via several areas just like cable television.

The next question arises here that why you should know about your ISP?Well, it is important because this information helps you know the internet speed you are paying bucks for.

Choose the Best Modem

Before choosing the modem for your home network, let us share some basic knowledge about it.

An internet modem takes the received signals and transforms it into a functional signal. After that, it sends that signal to the router for distribution. In modem world, ‘mo’ means modulator and ‘dem’ means demodulator.

What it basically does? It quickly encodes and decodes the signals which it sends and receives. In the absence of modem, the internet won’t be accessed by you. Choosing the best modem also helps you get the www.routerlogin.net login success.

Choose the Best Router

In order to find your wireless network for the connected devices, the router needs to be working in a proper manner. While choosing a router, you have to make sure that it will keep up with the utmost range to cover the whole home.

WiFi range extenders are a great option if you own a large home or the Netgear router is stuck in a remote area. For Netgear extenders, you have to visit mywifiext.net setup web page to install them properly.

Secure Your Network and Connected Devices

Howto secure your network?

Simply change the default user ID and password of your Netgear WiFi router right away. Ensure to use a strong password. You can change these admin details via the IP page.

Now, you are all set to connect multiple smart devices to your network and get your smart home perfected. If you come across any technical issue, restart your Netgear wireless router to resolve the problems.

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