5 Tips To Look Modern in Shalwar kameez


Traditionally, shalwar kameez was ethnic wear, but the trendy designs in shalwar kameez, especially in the last 2 to 3 years, have given it a modern look. The shalwar kameez is a mix between a traditional and a modern look, which is why celebrities and fashionistas wear them.


Want to look modern in a shalwar kameez like celebrities and fashionistas? For a modern look in a shalwar kameez, follow these three tips.

Keep Up With The Latest Fashion Trends

The latest salwar suits trends should be looked at accurately, as you are doing it now. Fashion changes constantly, so things keep changing.

Fashions change constantly. Several years ago, salwar suits with long kameez were in style, but now nobody wears suits that go below the knees. Long kameez and salwar are no longer fashionable. What was fashionable a decade ago is no longer trending unless you look for it.

Be Aware Of What Makes You Look Good

Wearing something that suits you is the key to looking stylish in shalwar kameez or any other attire. Trends will obviously change with your appearance, but you will still follow them.

The trend of netted sleeves is another example. Although they are really nice, they could be a nightmare for women with large arms because they look so good. The high-neck dress trend is on the rise. For someone with a larger neck, these aren't a good idea. Dressing for your body type and for the part of your body that looks good in what kind of dress is extremely important. Therefore, the post will enable any woman who wishes to look stylish in a salwar suit to feel comfortable in it.

Mix Traditional And Modern Fashion




No matter how much you try to pair a salwar suit with heels, it will look best with Punjabi juttis. It's not a sudden statement. Try it right now if you find it hard to believe. Dress in a salwar suit and heels, then in Punjabi juttis. You'll know if you compare. It looks best with salwar suits if you wear traditional footwear. Nevertheless, this may not apply to all accessories. In the case of a sophisticated salwar suit, you would probably not wear saggi Phool (a type of headband) or a Prand (Punjabi hair tie) along with it. You will like to keep it simple and tie your hair in a simple bun or let them be loose with no accessories. By taking into account the occasion as well as the trend, you can achieve a balance. Tradition is great, but it is not always appropriate for every circumstance. When matching salwar suits with accessories, always keep this in mind.


Be Stylish In Your Shalwar Kameez

Brand obsession is a subject that is a topic of conversation in many households. There has always been the debate of whether buying a brand means you are getting better quality. Although it may be the case with some brands, you may find that at times you are paying for the brand name rather than quality. If you want to make sure you are stylish, you always make sure you choose quality over brand names.

Try A Variety Of Shalwar kameez

There are so many types of salwar to choose from - Afghani, Patiala, simple, palazzo, sharara... try them all. Don't just go with a basic salwar. Nowadays, no one wears anything like that. Remember that.


To accomplish the desired results, you must keep in mind ALL of these. Choosing the right quality, but the wrong design for your body type, and complaining that you don't look stylish, isn’t fair. These are a few tips you should keep in mind if you want to look modern in salwar suits.

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